Doggerbank (Dutch: Doggersbank, German: Doggerbank, Danish: Doggerbanke) is a large sandbank in a shallow region of the North Sea about 100 kilometers (62 miles) off the east coast of England. During the Last Ice Age, the bank was part of a vast landmass connecting mainland Europe with the British Isles, now known as Dogger Land. Fishermen have long known this to be a productive fishing shore. It is named after the Dogger, a medieval Dutch fishing vessel used specifically to catch cod. In the early 21st century, the area was identified as a potential UK Round 3 wind farm and developed as the Dogger Bank wind farm.

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Shifts in trait-based and taxonomic macrofauna community structure along a 27-year time-series in the south-eastern North Sea

...By using abundance and bioturbation potential of macrofauna samples, taken along a transect from the German Bight towards the Dogger Bank in May 1990 and annually from 1995 to 2017, we analysed the taxonomic and trait-based macrofauna long-term community variability and diversity.....

Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) - Review of Joint Recommendations for Natura 2000 sites at Dogger Bank, Cleaver Bank, Frisian Front and Central Oyster grounds (STECF-19-04)

...This report deals with the review of Joint Recommendations for Natura 2000 sites at Dogger Bank, Cleaver Bank, Frisian Front and Central Oyster grounds.....

Topographic and hydrodynamic controls on barrier retreat and preservation: An example from Dogger Bank, North Sea

...This study analyses the sedimentary archive at Dogger Bank, which is a formerly-glaciated area in the North Sea.....

Left High and Dry: Deglaciation of Dogger Bank, North Sea, Recorded in Proglacial Lake Evolution

...At the Last Glacial Maximum, Dogger Bank, in the southern North Sea, was covered by the Eurasian Ice Sheet.....


The name Dogger Bank was first recorded in the mid-17th century. He probably derives his name from the word 'dogger', a two-masted boat that used to trawl for fish in the area in the Middle Ages. The region has similar names in Dutch, German and Danish. The name comes from the Dogger area used by the BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast.


The embankment spans about 17,600 square kilometers (6,800 square miles) and has an extent of about 260 by 100 kilometers (160 by 60 miles). The depth ranges from 15 to 36 meters (50 to 120 feet), about 20 meters (65 feet) shallower than the surrounding sea.

= Geology =

Geologically, this landform is most likely a Pleistocene-formed moraine. At various times during the last glacial period, they merged with mainlands or islands. This coastline was part of the vast continent now known as Dogger Land, linking Great Britain to mainland Europe, until it was flooded shortly after the end of the last Ice Age. The fishing trawlers that operated in the area dredged up a large amount of moor peat, leaving ruins. The 1931 Dogger Bank earthquake, which occurred below the bank, recorded 6.1 on the Richter scale and was the largest earthquake ever recorded in the UK. With its epicenter 23 kilometers (14 miles) below the embankment, the quake was felt in the countries surrounding the North Sea and caused damage throughout eastern England. South of Doggerbank is Cleaverbank.

Naval battles and incidents

At the Battle of Doggerbank (1696), during the Nine Years' War, the French fleet under Jean Bart won a victory over five Dutch ships and an escorting convoy. The Battle of Doggerbank (1781) was fought by a British naval squadron against a Dutch squadron on 5 August 1781 during the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War. The Dogger Bank Incident is an incident in which a Russian naval vessel misunderstood a Japanese torpedo boat and opened fire on a British fishing boat near Dogger Bank on October 21, 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War. Battles of Dogger Bank (1915) and Dogger Bank (1916) during World War I saw battles between the Royal Navy and the German High Seas Fleet. Several shipwrecks lie on the shore. In 1966, the German submarine Wuhai, a German class XXIII submarine, was sunk by strong winds. 19 out of 20 people died, making it one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in German history.


This embankment is an important fishing ground for large quantities of cod and herring. Doggerbank has been identified as a marine environment that exhibits high year-round primary productivity in the form of phytoplankton. Therefore, it was proposed to designate this area as a marine nature reserve. Under European Union law, protected areas are divided among several countries, including the United Kingdom.

= Trawling and protected areas =

In September 2020, Greenpeace dropped several granite boulders from the ship Esperanza into the Doggerbank area. Sightings of a supertrawler off Yorkshire have raised concerns. Greenpeace's actions were supported by some in the fishing industry. Large granite rocks are harmless to marine life and surface fisheries, but they become entangled in the dragnets of trawlers and interfere with fishing methods. A Greenpeace spokeswoman said: "How can we continue to allow bottom trawler farming within protected areas... [It's] the same as allowing bulldozers to farm protected forests." .

Wind farm and wind power hub

Dogger Bank was chosen as an offshore wind farm because its distance from shore avoids complaints about the visual impact of wind turbines, and the water depth is shallow enough to overcome traditional fixed foundation wind turbine designs. because it is suitable. Fixed foundation wind turbines are economically limited to a maximum water depth of 40-50 m (130-160 feet, 22-27 fathoms). Deeper water depths require new floating wind turbine designs, which are currently significantly more expensive to build. In January 2010, a developer consortium, Forewind Ltd, was granted a license to develop a wind farm at Dogger Bank. Originally intended to develop up to 9 GW of power as part of a 32 GW 9-zone project, the plan was later scaled down to a 7.2 GW installation in an agreement with the owner of the area, Crown Estates. I was. Construction was scheduled to begin around 2014. Grid operators from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are collaborating on a project to build a North Sea wind hub facility on one or more artificial islands at Doggerbank as part of a European plan. A system for sustainable power. At the North Sea Energy Forum in Brussels on March 23, 2017, signs an agreement to cooperate with TenneT's German and Dutch subsidiaries. A feasibility study is then carried out.

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