The Black and Tan Terrier is a broad breed or type of terrier, one of the earliest terrier breeds. Although now extinct, it is believed to be the ancestor of all modern Fell Terrier breeds and the Welsh Terrier, a dog breed recognized by the Kennel Club.

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Working Fell Terriers (non-Kennel Club working terriers inhabiting the rocky Lakeland Fells region of England) have always been very variegated, but in contrast to white-haired terriers , were always colored terriers (tan, black, or black and tan). Several Kennel Club breeds such as the Lakeland Terrier, Welsh Terrier and Border Terrier have been developed from the Cumberland, Westmorland and Scottish Borders colored coarse-coated Fell Terriers.

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List of dog breeds list of extinct dog breeds Tiny the Wonder, a famous 19th century Black and Tan Terrier.


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