Research Scope

model equations method analysis Analysis equation Method systems spaces fractional Model functions problem nonlinear system models problems Equations OF linear differential generalized type approach data operators estimation control System Systems Estimation groups finite boundary stochastic order time Equation Linear Nonlinear Problem Numerical Generalized Control Optimal function class applications random Differential Application algebras Problems Functions properties Stability regression distribution methods Spaces Effect application Fractional stability inequalities space Models optimization Existence conditions two Data graphs Stochastic algorithm flow Modeling Distribution Finite Approach Performance theory point Boundary integral IN Time AND Optimization Algorithm polynomials Design numerical Methods Evaluation group THE value Properties theorem Order series results number Type elliptic process optimal Applications Operators Two parameters operator matrices Comparison Function Global singular Bayesian Random design matrix Prediction Power inverse Regression heat general power growth Asymptotic weighted processes variable modeling Value Integral sets partial inequality complex Theory Banach prediction estimates dynamics positive fields approximation solving mean delay convergence Space wave performance Lie Development discrete Dynamic manifolds local Approximation element Local Class dynamic surfaces note effect difference Effects \mathbb Gaussian Conditions distributions Convergence index rings points Inverse functional hybrid mixed fuzzy coefficients curves involving Solving vector critical Theorem multiple simulation symmetric Fuzzy Dynamics Robust effects numbers response yield energy fixed coupled domains maps FOR Improved structures Schrödinger Parameters Parameter measures behavior error Yield structure Spectral II theorems Weighted condition Inequalities rate spectral polynomial Singular continuous network surface diffusion Hilbert field Statistical Series product variables test parabolic Quality soil ON free Matrix Flow modules multivariate related parameter