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species L. OF Effect analysis growth Effects gene Genetic Growth cell AND genome plant diversity genetic IN expression Abstract Analysis resistance China effects cells Evaluation Species genes DNA traits response human cancer two development associated stress population performance quality Yield Identification disease yield potential Molecular control production reveals India Development soil variation Characterization Brazil protein effect plants populations composition structure Diabetes mitochondrial novel rice fish genus THE Coleoptera system First South responses virus molecular leaf characterization sp seed Plant Gene Diversity vitro complete wheat conditions functional Quality Influence Soil Human Type model identification infection distribution management Comparative role water Assessment sequencing changes Production Management three evolution ON Population dynamics Impact wild forest Two patterns characteristics acid Expression Resistance Potential invasive Rice data review fruit bacterial Seed RNA Response Sea tree community tolerance factors selection Performance spp genotypes stem markers Disease maize Morphological Lepidoptera Forest Review immune cultivars Drosophila Hymenoptera Diptera host Leaf interactions parameters communities size isolated root Patients environmental tropical complex early reproductive survival sequence approach Cells Cell native bacteria common Changes natural North Role phylogenetic drought Detection levels temperature application biological African Traits Fusarium Control food DE breeding fungi morphological Wheat Atlantic Stress detection signaling diet System Associated feeding Application Factors assessment Genes microbial Comparison region function European male influence Novel Distribution Central oil evaluation Variation soybean behavior impact mouse Hemiptera related Western systems Characteristics chloroplast nitrogen southern genomic Nigeria tomato Region properties regulation dietary Water tumor status risk morphology variability mice Virus Composition Plants implications essential association