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Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie - DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2019-1450
Nanostructured IrOx Coatings for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reactions in PV-EC Setup

Lasse Jürgensen · Michael Frank · David Graf · Isabel Gessner · Thomas Fischer · Katharina Welter · Wolfram Jägermann · Sanjay Mathur ·

Materials Science
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie - DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2019-1431
Ni-Fe-Cr-Oxides: An Efficient Catalyst Activated by Visible Light for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Olga A. Krysiak · Grzegorz Cichowicz · Felipe Conzuelo · Michał K. Cyrański · Jan Augustynski ·

Materials Science
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie - DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2018-1166
Exploring the Effect of Electron Withdrawing Groups on Optoelectronic Properties of Pyrazole Derivatives as Efficient Donor and Acceptor Materials for Photovoltaic Devices

Ahmad Irfan · Mehboobali Pannipara · Abdullah G. Al-Sehemi · Muhammad Waseem Mumtaz · Mohammed A. Assiri · Aijaz Rasool Chaudhry · Shabbir Muhammad ·

Materials Science
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie - DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2018-1297
A Simple but Efficient Catalytic Approach for the Degradation of Pollutants in Aqueous Media through Cicer arietinum Supported Ni Nanoparticles

Shahid Ali Khan · Shagufta Rasool · Khaliq Ur Rahman · Shah Hussain · Inamullah Khan · Muhammad Ismail · Aliya Farooq · Sarzamin Khan · Mian Ahmad Raza · Abdullah Muhammad Asiri · Sher Bahadar Khan ·

Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie - DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2019-1371
An Efficient Ultrasonic-Assisted Synthesis and Nonlinear Optical Property of Donor (D) -π-Acceptor (A) Chalcone (DDFP)

M. A. N. Razvi · S Afzal · Salman A. Khan · Ahmed Bakry ·

Materials Science

Nasuia porin-specific antibody efficiently interferes with the binding between RDV and the Nasuia envelope, thus strongly preventing viral transmission to insect offspring.

Interaction of viral pathogen with porin channels on the outer membrane of insect bacterial symbionts mediates their joint transovarial transmission [10.1098/rstb.2018.0320]

The drug nanorods enabled efficient intracellular delivery of the nucleic acid and the resultant autophagy inhibition in vitro and in vivo, which in turn sensitized the cancer cells to the anti-tumor nanorods.

Drug Nanorod-Mediated Intracellular Delivery of microRNA-101 for Self-sensitization via Autophagy Inhibition [10.1007/s40820-019-0310-0]

Further, we analyze how full-precision network structures can be adapted for efficient binary networks and adopt a network architecture based on a DenseNet for binary networks, which lets us improve the state-of-the-art even further.

Training Accurate Binary Neural Networks from Scratch [10.1109/ICIP.2019.8802610]

This, therefore, warrants for better energy efficient control strategies.

Parameter Estimation of Thermal Model of a Building: A Meta-Heuristic Approach [10.1109/ICIT48102.2019.00083]

In this paper, we study the estimation for the partial linear single-index varying-coefficient model, which is a natural extension of the partially linear varying-coefficient model.

Estimation for a partially linear single-index varying-coefficient model [10.1080/03610918.2019.1680691]

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