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Thyroid - DOI: 10.1089/THY.2019.0164
The Association of Maternal Iodine Status in Early Pregnancy with Thyroid Function in the Swedish Environmental Longitudinal, Mother and Child, Asthma and Allergy Study.

Deborah Levie · Deborah Levie · Arash Derakhshan · Huan Shu · Maarten A. C. Broeren · Ralph A. de Poortere · Robin P. Peeters · Carl-Gustaf Bornehag · Carl-Gustaf Bornehag · Barbara Demeneix · Tim I. M. Korevaar ·

Thyroid - DOI: 10.1089/THY.2018.0628
Pregnancy Week-Specific Reference Ranges for Thyrotropin and Free Thyroxine in the North Denmark Region Pregnancy Cohort

AndersenStine Linding · AndersenStig · CarléAllan · ChristensenPeter Astrup · HandbergAase · KarmisholtJesper · KnøsgaardLouise · KristensenSøren Risom · Bülow PedersenInge · VestergaardPeter ·


Non-pregnancy intention was a protective factor for EBF interruption (PR = 0·82, CI 95 % = 0·72, 0·93).

Determinants of early breastfeeding initiation and exclusive breastfeeding in Colombia. [10.1017/S1368980019002180]

Background PABC (pregnancy-associated breast cancer) is a rare condition that appears as a malignancy in 1 per 3000 pregnant women and is one of the most common cancers diagnosed during pregnancy or the postpartum period.

Imaging in pregnancy-associated breast cancer: a case report. [10.6001/actamedica.v26i2.4034]

The diabetic syndrome affects pregnancy, contributing to placental functional and structural disruptions and impaired fetal development, with many reports indicating tobacco-associated morbidity and perinatal mortality.

Maternal Oxidative Stress, Placental Morphometry, and Fetal Growth in Diabetic Rats Exposed to Cigarette Smoke [10.1177/1933719118815589]

Design, Setting, Participants We studied 821 offspring (385 females) of the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort Study who had ≥3 serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] at age 6, 14, 17, and 20 years and body composition assessed at age 20 using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

Relationship Between Vitamin D Status From Childhood to Early Adulthood With Body Composition in Young Australian Adults [10.1210/js.2018-00349]

1 A survey it commissioned for the report found that nearly four in 10 women (37%) were unable to access contraception services locally and almost two thirds (60%) could not access unplanned pregnancy services near where they live.

Open women’s health clinics at evenings and weekends, says RCOG [10.1136/bmj.l6761]

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