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Thyroid - DOI: 10.1089/thy.2018.0549
A Thyroid Hormone-Independent Molecular Fingerprint of 3,5-Diiodothyronine Suggests a Strong Relationship with Coffee Metabolism in Humans

Maik Pietzner · Josef Koehrle · Ina Lehmphul · Kathrin Budde · Gabi Kastenmüller · Georg Brabant · Henry Völzke · Anna Artati · Jerzy Adamski · Uwe Völker · Matthias Nauck · Nele Friedrich · Georg Homuth ·

Biology Medicine
Thyroid - DOI: 10.1089/thy.2018.0436
Resolution of Hypothyroidism Restores Cold-Induced Thermogenesis in Humans

Claudia Irene Maushart · Rahel Loeliger · Gani Gashi · Mirjam Christ-Crain · Matthias Johannes Betz ·


Those whose stress responses remained active survived to pass along their genes, thus setting up modern humans with a mechanism primed to respond to threats to survival.

We Are What We Think: Downregulating the Chronic Stress Response with Technology-Assisted Mindfulness Meditation [10.14200/jrm.2019.0116]

Similar to elderly humans, aged outbred Long-Evans rats exhibit individual differences in memory abilities, including a subset of aged rats that maintain memory function on par with young adults.

Aged rats with preserved memory dynamically recruit hippocampal inhibition in a local/global cue mismatch environment [10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2018.12.015]

Objectives: We aimed to assess whether a 7-day high-salt (HS) diet affects endothelium-dependent and/or endothelium-independent microvascular function in the absence of changes in arterial blood pressure (BP), and to determine whether such microvascular changes are associated with changes in body composition and fluid status in healthy young humans.

Seven-Day Salt Loading Impairs Microvascular Endothelium-Dependent Vasodilation without Changes in Blood Pressure, Body Composition and Fluid Status in Healthy Young Humans [10.1159/000501747]

Bovine Tuberculosis (BTB) is a disease that can attack humans through cattle.

Dynamical analysis of mathematical model for Bovine Tuberculosis among human and cattle population [10.5614/cbms.2019.2.1.6]

The ultimate goal of this work is to push the boundaries even further by exploring the development of realistic self-organized virtual humans that are capable of demonstrating coordinated behaviors across different modalities.

Towards a data-driven framework for realistic self-organized virtual humans: coordinated head and eye movements [10.1145/3314111.3322874]

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