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New England Journal of Medicine - DOI: 10.1056/NEJMOA1816654
Controlled Trial of Two Incremental Milk-Feeding Rates in Preterm Infants.

Jon Dorling · J Abbott · Janet E. Berrington · B Bosiak · Ursula Bowler · Elaine M. Boyle · Nicholas D. Embleton · O Hewer · Samantha Johnson · Edmund Juszczak · Alison A. Leaf · Louise Linsell · Kenny McCormick · William McGuire · Omar Omar · Christopher Partlett · Mehali Patel · Tracy E Roberts · B Stenson · J Townend ·

New England Journal of Medicine - DOI: 10.1056/NEJMOA1905560
Step-Up Therapy in Black Children and Adults with Poorly Controlled Asthma

Nhlbi AsthmaNet ·


The hopping time is solvent polarity controlled since it becomes slower as the polarity increases.

Photophysical and Protonation Time Resolved Studies of Donor-Acceptor Branched Systems With Pyridine Acceptors. [10.1021/acs.jpca.8b08628]

Comparisons between the operation of a thermostatically controlled traditional electric storage tank water heater and the hybrid solar electric water heater, offered an energy saving of 75.

Optimal energy management and economic analysis of a grid-connected hybrid solar water heating system: A case of Bloemfontein, South Africa [10.1016/J.SETA.2018.12.027]

However, controlled preparation of biodegradable 2D structures with biological activity is difficult.

Glyco-Platelets with Controlled Morphologies via Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly and Their Shape-Dependent Interplay with Macrophages [10.1021/ACSMACROLETT.9B00221]

A Diode Triggered Silicon Controlled Rectifier (DTSCR) is modeled.

Modeling and Simulation of Diode Triggered Silicon Controlled Rectifier Behavior under ESD Stresses [10.1109/IPFA47161.2019.8984761]

The duration of hyperglycemia has been directly linked to higher rates of hepatic fibrosis progression, and this group had suboptimally controlled diabetes mellitus (DM) (a design requirement) for a longer duration prior to enrollment as compared to both the other groups.

Letter to the Editor: Intrahepatic Lipid Content After Insulin Glargine Addition to Metformin in Type II Diabetes Mellitus With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease [10.1002/hep.30992]

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