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Progress in Lipid Research
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Progress in Lipid Research - DOI: 10.1016/j.plipres.2018.12.002
Cholesterol transport system: An integrated cholesterol transport model involved in atherosclerosis.

Xiao-Hua Yu · Da-Wei Zhang · Xi-Long Zheng · Chao-Ke Tang ·


The article proposes a method for studying reliability indicators of the MSN transport system (TS) based on the theory of fuzzy sets, specifies random factors affecting the reliability indicators of the MSN TS and the decisions made to eliminate them, describes the search for a variant that ensures stable operation of the TS MSN at minimal cost.

The Research Of Reliability Indicators Transport Systems Multi - Service Network Based Fuzzy Set Theory [10.1109/ICISCT47635.2019.9011829]

In addition, the in situ UV-visible absorption spectra and in situ Raman spectra indicated that the proton transport carrier supplied protons during CO2 reduction.

Bio-proton coupled semiconductor/metal-complex hybrid photoelectrocatalytic interface for efficient CO2 reduction [10.1039/C8GC03066A]

However, the absence of Galilean invariance brings about three new transport coefficients.

Two-fluid dynamics of one-dimensional quantum liquids in the absence of Galilean invariance. [10.1103/PhysRevB.100.035418]

Nevertheless, the photovoltaic performance of PSCs based on solution-processed NiO is still not pleasing owing to their relatively low short-circuit current density (Jsc) or fill factor (FF), which originates from the relatively low conductivity of NiO and the enormous difference in the mobility of the electron transporting layer (ETL) fullerene and hole transporting layer (HTL) NiO.

Critical roles of potassium in charge-carrier balance and diffusion induced defect passivation for efficient inverted perovskite solar cells [10.1039/C8TA11782A]

The ex-vessel spent fuel transportation should concern several design features such as the radiation shielding, decay-heat removal, and inert space separated from air.

On the Particle Swarm Optimization of cask shielding design for a prototype Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor [10.1016/J.NET.2018.09.007]

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