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Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001404
Relationship Between Radiomics and Risk of Lymph Node Metastasis in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Yun Bian · Shiwei Guo · Hui Jiang · Suizhi Gao · Chenwei Shao · Kai Cao · Xu Fang · Jing Li · Li Wang · Wenda Hua · Jianming Zheng · Gang Jin · Jianping Lu ·

Medicine Biology
Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001355
Significance of Lymph Node Metastasis in Resectable Well-differentiated Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor

Norifumi Harimoto · Kouki Hoshino · Ryo Muranushi · Kei Hagiwara · Takahiro Yamanaka · Norihiro Ishii · Mariko Tsukagoshi · Takamichi Igarashi · Hiroshi Tanaka · Akira Watanabe · Norio Kubo · Kenichirou Araki · Yasuo Hosouchi · Hideki Suzuki · Kazuhisa Arakawa · Keitarou Hirai · Takaharu Fukazawa · Hayato Ikota · Ken Shirabe ·

Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001261
Desmoplasia in Lymph Node Metastasis of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Reveals Activation of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Pattern and T-helper 2 Immune Cell Infiltration

Eran Nizri · Shoshi Bar-David · Asaf Aizic · Neta Sternbach · Guy Lahat · Ido Wolf · Joseph Klausner ·


The proposed scheme blends different network parameters, such as residual energy, distance to MC, and critical node density to make decisions while scheduling the SNs.

An efficient scheduling scheme for on-demand mobile charging in wireless rechargeable sensor networks [10.1016/J.PMCJ.2019.101074]

Microbial anodes were formed under constant polarization either free in solution or inside channels of 1 mm or 5 mm height.

Microbial anodes: What actually occurs inside pores? [10.1016/J.IJHYDENE.2018.09.075]

Positron emission tomography scan revealed fluorodeoxyglucose uptake by multiple scalene and internal mammary nodes on the right side and bilateral hilar, para-tracheal, subcarinal and paraoesophageal lymph nodes.

Choroidal metastasis as the presenting feature of metastatic lung carcinoma [10.1111/cxo.12950]

Herein, we design and fabricate NiFe/CQD/WO3 composite photoanode with loading CQDs and electrodepositing NiFe-LDH.

Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance of WO3-Based Composite Photoanode Coupled with Carbon Quantum Dots and NiFe-Layered Double Hydroxide. [10.1002/cssc.201901803]

Occult metastasis was found in 8 out of 73 clinically node negative patients undergoing neck dissection.

Patterns of lymph node metastasis and the management of neck dissection for parotid carcinomas: a single-institute experience [10.1007/s10147-019-01411-3]

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