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Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001277
Ocoxin Oral Solution Exerts an Antitumoral Effect in Pancreatic Cancer and Reduces the Stromal-Mediated Chemoresistance

Iera Hernandez-Unzueta · Aitor Benedicto · Irene Romayor · Alba Herrero · Eduardo Sanz · Beatriz Arteta · Elvira Olaso · Joana Márquez ·

Biology Medicine
Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001373
Time to Adjuvant Systemic Therapy Following Pancreatic Cancer Resection and Effect on Outcome

Richard J White · Shaakir Hasan · Dulabh Monga · Gene Finley · Mohammed Islam · Suzanne Schiffman · H Kenneth Williams · Abhijit Kulkarni · Shyam Thakkar · Alexander V Kirichenko · Rodney E Wegner ·

Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001398
Combined Antiangiogenic Therapy and Immunotherapy Is Effective for Pancreatic Cancer With Mismatch Repair Proficiency but High Tumor Mutation Burden

Mengni Chen · Shengli Yang · Li Fan · Lu Wu · Renwang Chen · Jian Chang · Jianli Hu ·

Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001405
A Study on the Effect of Patient Characteristics, Geographical Utilization, and Patient Outcomes for Total Pancreatectomy Alone and Total Pancreatectomy With Islet Autotransplantation in Patients With Pancreatitis in the United States.

Luis F Lara · Melena D Bellin · Emmanuel Ugbarugba · Jaimie D Nathan · Piotr Witkowski · Martin Wijkstrom · Jennifer L Steel · Kerrington D Smith · Vikesh K Singh · Sarah J Schwarzenberg · Timothy L Pruett · Bashoo Naziruddin · Leslie Long-Simpson · Varvara A Kirchner · Timothy B Gardner · Martin L Freeman · Ty B Dunn · Srinath Chinnakotla · Gregory J Beilman · David B Adams · Katherine A Morgan · Maisam A Abu-El-Haija · Syed Ahmad · Andrew M Posselt · Michael G Hughes · Darwin L Conwell ·

Pancreas - DOI: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001308
Effects of Second-Hand Smoke on Pancreatitis in Children

Cortney R Ballengee · Peter Brooks · Traci Leong · Duke Geem · A Jay Freeman ·


Similar reference-point effects have been recently reported in ants, in which foragers show a contrast effect: ants overvalue a medium-quality food source if they were expecting a poor one, and vice versa for expectations of good food.

Labelling effect in insects: cue associations influence perceived food value in ants [10.1101/680959]

NKTR-214, a CD122-biased agonist that targets the IL-2 pathway, provides sustained signaling through the heterodimeric IL-2 receptor pathway (IL-2Rβγ) to preferentially activate and expand NK and effector CD8+ T cells over T-regulatory cells, and is currently in multiple phase I, II and III clinical trials in combination with nivolumab.

Abstract 2256: Combination of neoantigen DNA plasmid vaccine VB10.NEO and NKTR-214, a CD122-biased immunostimulatory cytokine, induces strong neoantigen-specific T cell responses and sustained tumor regression in pre-clinical models [10.1158/1538-7445.AM2019-2256]

,The main contribution of the present work was addressing an integrated production-distribution planning problem in a broader view, by proposing a closer to reality mathematical formulation which considers some real-world constraints simultaneously and accompanied by efficient multi-objective meta-heuristic algorithms to provide effective solutions for practical problem sizes.

An integrated production-distribution planning with a routing problem and transportation cost discount in a supply chain [10.1108/aa-10-2017-127]

There is currently a resurgence of interest in developing covalent drugs due to the high potency, good selectivity, and prolonged effects which may results in less-frequent drug dosing and wider therapeutic windows for patients.

Abstract A136: Small molecule covalent drug discovery by IMTACTM [10.1158/1535-7163.TARG-19-A136]

This article is devoted to the ecological problem of effective urban landscaping and increasing the role of green plantings in stabilizing the environment.

Assessment of the Functional State of Green Plantings and the Accumulation of Heavy Metals by Vegetation in Urban Green Areas for Various Purposes [10.1134/S1995425519050093]

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