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Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V091.I02
stm: R Package for Structural Topic Models

Margaret E. Roberts · Brandon M. Stewart · Dustin Tingley ·

Computer Science
Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V088.I08
plssem: A Stata Package for Structural Equation Modeling with Partial Least Squares

Sergio Venturini · Mehmet Mehmetoglu ·

Computer Science

This eliminates the formation of micropores and causes material fragmentation at the micro- and nanoscale structural levels during the nonequilibrium β → α phase transition.

Mesoscopic Structural States at the Nanoscale in Surface Layers of Titanium and Its Alloy Ti-6Al-4V in Ultrasonic and Electron Beam Treatment [10.1134/s1029959919050011]

distributions of osteons and their vascular canals) or ultrastructural characteristics [e.

Collagen fiber orientation pattern, osteon morphology and distribution, and presence of laminar histology do not distinguish torsion from bending in bat and pigeon wing bones [10.1111/joa.12981]

The structural means (XRD, SEM and EDS) revealed the formation of self-assembled cubic microstructure of Cu2O with average grain size of around 1.

Structural, optical and dielectric investigations of electrodeposited p-type Cu2O [10.1007/s10854-019-02356-z]

Findings suggest that the onset of WM injury starts by middle age and involves substantially more tissue than evident from focal white matter lesions visualized on structural imaging.

White Matter Lesion Penumbra Shows Abnormalities on Structural and Physiologic MRIs in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Cohort [10.3174/ajnr.A6119]

This paper concerns the development of methodology for use of Infrared thermography (IRT) for online prediction of mechanical structural vibration behaviour; given that it has extensively been applied in non-destructive technique for evaluation of surface cracks through the observation of thermal imaging of the vibration-induced crack heat generation.

Infrared thermography applied to the prediction of structural vibration behaviour [10.1016/J.AEJ.2019.03.008]

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