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Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V088.I02
JASP: Graphical Statistical Software for Common Statistical Designs

Jonathon Love · Ravi Selker · Maarten Marsman · Tahira Jamil · Damian Dropmann · Josine Verhagen · Alexander Ly · Quentin Frederik Gronau · Martin Šmíra · Sacha Epskamp · Dora Matzke · Anneliese Wild · Patrick Knight · Jeffrey N. Rouder · Richard D. Morey · Eric-Jan Wagenmakers ·

Computer Science
Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V088.I09
BTLLasso: A Common Framework and Software Package for the Inclusion and Selection of Covariates in Bradley-Terry Models

Gunther Schauberger · Gerhard Tutz ·

Computer Science

The software tool Editor for Manual Work Activities (EMA) supports digital production planning and prospective ergonomics assessment by providing a more efficient and accurate approach to three-dimensional (3D) human simulation.

Task-based digital human simulation with Editor for Manual work Activities – industrial applications in product design and production planning [10.1016/b978-0-12-816713-7.00042-8]

All the beams were examined by the elasto–plastic finite-element method by using general finite-element analysis software ANSYS and the results were compared with those obtained experimentally.

Ultimate load behaviour of steel beams with web openings [10.1080/13287982.2019.1607448]

Simulink/MATLAB (MathWorks, USA) and PSIM (Powersim, USA) software programs are used to simulate the proposed topology.

A quasi-Z-source active neutral point clamped inverter topology employingsymmetrical/unsymmetrical boost modulation control scheme for renewableenergy resources [10.3906/ELK-1811-168]

In this paper, we propose a reverse engineering approach, which uses patterns to transform software projects stored in MPS® legacy databases into software business processes.

Practical Experiences in the Use of Pattern-Recognition Strategies to Transform Software Project Plans into Software Business Processes of Information Technology Companies [10.1155/2019/7973289]

The prediction software showed that cetane number (58) and other parameters of the produced biodiesel met the European standard for biodiesel (EN 14214) requirements.

Enhanced growth and lipid production in oleaginous fungus, Sarocladium kiliense ADH17: Study on fatty acid profiling and prediction of biodiesel properties [10.1016/J.RENENE.2018.11.104]

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