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Journal of Statistical Software
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Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V090.I01
Efficient Code for Second Order Analysis of Events on a Linear Network

Suman Rakshit · Adrian Baddeley · Gopalan Nair ·

Computer Science
Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V096.I05
Generalized Network Autoregressive Processes and the GNAR Package

Marina I. Knight · Kathryn Leeming · Guy P. Nason · Matthew A. Nunes ·

Computer Science Mathematics

Towards this end, the reinforcement learning algorithms have been designed to find the optimal EH and resource allocation policies by allowing the mobile users to learn from the different network states and historical behaviors until the optimal response set is reached.

Reinforcement Learning Based QoS-Provisioning over Energy-Harvesting 5G Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks [10.1109/GLOBECOM38437.2019.9014116]

The post-transcriptional mechanisms contributing to molecular regulation of developmental lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic network assembly are not well understood.

MicroRNA-mediated control of developmental lymphangiogenesis [10.7554/eLife.46007]

In functional temporal networks, where evolving communities reflect changing functional relationships between network nodes, it is especially important that the detected communities reflect any state changes of the system.

Optimizing state change detection in functional temporal networks through dynamic community detection [10.1093/comnet/cny030]

In this way, the control method can be derived for the air transportation network by incorporating system parameters and traffic flow data, The air traffic flow control policy has the potential to be applied to large-scale airspace networks in real-time operations.

Study of the optimization model for traffic flow [10.1016/J.CIE.2019.07.009]

Here, we speculate that such differentiation can be obtained by relying on the granular nature of the cortical surface tiled with ‘canonic’ modules which in turn can be flexibly tuned to compose diverse mesoscopic networks.

Unraveling Brain Modularity Through Slow Oscillations [10.1007/978-3-319-71048-8_2]

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