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Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V090.I07
frailtyEM: An R Package for Estimating Semiparametric Shared Frailty Models

Theodor Adrian Balan · Hein Putter ·

Computer Science
Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V091.I07
The R Package emdi for Estimating and Mapping Regionally Disaggregated Indicators

Ann-Kristin Kreutzmann · Sören Pannier · Natalia Rojas-Perilla · Timo Schmid · Matthias Templ · Nikos Tzavidis ·

Computer Science

This article aims to solve the two key problems of close proximity navigation—localizing tower and simultaneously estimating the unmanned aerial vehicle positions.

A monocular vision–based perception approach for unmanned aerial vehicle close proximity transmission tower inspection [10.1177/1729881418820227]

Results indicate excellent accuracy and a significant reduction in user-perceived difficulty when estimating the impact of changes in URN specifications.

An automated change impact analysis approach for User Requirements Notation models [10.1016/J.JSS.2019.110397]

We estimated the C balance in a 6-year-old Scots pine stand by using two different methods: carbon budgeting, for estimating annual net ecosystem production (NEP), and eddy covariance (EC), for estimating net ecosystem exchange (NEE).

The carbon balance of a six-year-old Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) ecosystem estimated by different methods [10.1016/J.FORECO.2018.11.012]

The tri-ponderal mass index (TMI) may be more effective than body mass index (BMI) for estimating body fat levels.

Evidence in obese children: contribution of tri-ponderal mass index or body mass index to dyslipidemia, obesity-inflammation, and insulin sensitivity [10.1515/jpem-2019-0106]

The health risk to the local inhabitants was evaluated by estimating daily heavy metal Original Research Article Yaradua et al.

Heavy Metals Health Risk Assessment through Consumption of Baobab Leaf Cultivated in Katsina State, North West Nigeria [10.9734/afsj/2019/v13i130096]

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