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Journal of Statistical Software
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Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V088.I02
JASP: Graphical Statistical Software for Common Statistical Designs

Jonathon Love · Ravi Selker · Maarten Marsman · Tahira Jamil · Damian Dropmann · Josine Verhagen · Alexander Ly · Quentin Frederik Gronau · Martin Šmíra · Sacha Epskamp · Dora Matzke · Anneliese Wild · Patrick Knight · Jeffrey N. Rouder · Richard D. Morey · Eric-Jan Wagenmakers ·

Computer Science
Journal of Statistical Software - DOI: 10.18637/JSS.V088.I09
BTLLasso: A Common Framework and Software Package for the Inclusion and Selection of Covariates in Bradley-Terry Models

Gunther Schauberger · Gerhard Tutz ·

Computer Science

Using 2 texts that survey the most prevalent current Western Euro-based dreamwork modalities, this qualitative analysis identifies common factors in dreamwork techniques.

Common Factors Leading to a Universal Approach to Dreamwork: A Qualitative Analysis [10.1037/drm0000098]

BACKGROUND AND AIMS non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common chronic liver disorder in the western world.

Comparative study of overweight and obese patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. [10.17235/reed.2019.5926/2018]

Part of this heterogeneity could reflect the various neuropsychiatric risk factors that present with common symptomatology and can predispose the brain to AD-like changes.

Can Animal Models Inform on the Relationship between Depression and Alzheimer Disease? [10.1177/0706743718772514]

Time was the most commonly reported barrier (72%) to performing variant interpretation, though the majority (97%) indicated that this practice had an important impact on patient care.

Variant Interpretation is a Component of Clinical Practice Among Genetic Counselors in Multiple Specialties [10.1038/s41436-019-0705-9]

Youth entrepreneurship is commonly measured as a significant determinant of poverty reduction, economic development and job creation but the participation of the youth in entrepreneurship is worrisome.

The Challenges/Barriers Preventing the South African Youth in Becoming Entrepreneurs: South African Overview [10.22610/jebs.v11i4(j).2921]

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