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Journal of Neural Transmission
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Journal of Neural Transmission - DOI: 10.1007/s00702-019-02021-z
Nabilone for non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: a randomized placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-group, enriched enrolment randomized withdrawal study (The NMS-Nab Study)

Marina Peball · Mario Werkmann · Philipp Ellmerer · Raphaela Stolz · Dora Valent · Hans-Günther Knaus · Hanno Ulmer · Atbin Djamshidian · Werner Poewe · Klaus Seppi ·

Journal of Neural Transmission - DOI: 10.1007/s00702-019-02087-9
Effects of transcranial random noise stimulation combined with Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program (GRASP) on motor rehabilitation of the upper limb in sub-acute ischemic stroke patients: a randomized pilot study

Valentina Arnao · Marianna Riolo · Francesca Carduccio · Antonino Tuttolomondo · Marco D’Amelio · Filippo Brighina · Massimo Gangitano · Giuseppe Salemi · Paolo Ragonese · Paolo Aridon ·


Patients and Methods: this was a follow-up randomized clinical comparative trial included 30 eyes of 26 patients with uncontrolled POAG.

Ologen Implant Application in Subscleral Trabeculectomy versus Non-Penetrating Deep Sclerectomy in Management of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: A Prospective Randomized Study [10.12816/EJHM.2019.31086]

Key Points Question Is payment associated with participant deception about research eligibility and, if so, is higher payment associated with more deception? Findings In this randomized survey experiment of a nationally representative sample of 2275 US adults, offers of payment to participate in an online survey were associated with substantial deception by participants about their eligibility compared with the control condition, with estimated proportions of ineligible individuals who engaged in deception ranging from 10.

Association Between Financial Incentives and Participant Deception About Study Eligibility [10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2018.7355]

Methods A total of 1635 sedentary adults age 70 to 89 yr from the Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders single-blinded randomized, multicenter clinical trial, which compared a structured PA program to a health education program.

Association of Fish Oil and Physical Activity on Mobility Disability in Older Adults [10.1249/MSS.0000000000002195]

ABSTRACT This article suggests an efficient method of estimating a rare sensitive attribute which is assumed following Poisson distribution by using three-stage unrelated randomized response model instead of the Land et al.

A new stratified three-stage unrelated randomized response model for estimating a rare sensitive attribute based on the Poisson distribution [10.1080/03610926.2018.1438625]

DESIGN This is a nonrandomized prospective evidence-based practice project.

Using Telemedicine for Pediatric Preanesthesia Evaluation: A Pilot Project. [10.1016/j.jopan.2019.07.001]

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