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International Journal of Health Promotion and Education
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International Journal of Health Promotion and Education - DOI: 10.1080/14635240.2018.1549958
Applying the Health Belief Model to assess prevention services among young adults

Raffy R. Luquis · Weston Kensinger ·

International Journal of Health Promotion and Education - DOI: 10.1080/14635240.2019.1696219
The impact of health education on nutritional behaviors in female students: an application of health belief model

Mohammad Vahedian-Shahroodi · Hadi Tehrani · Davood Robat-Sarpooshi · Mehdi GHolian – Aval · Alireza Jafari · Hadi Alizadeh-Siuki ·

International Journal of Health Promotion and Education - DOI: 10.1080/14635240.2018.1549959
Effect of an empowerment program on the caring behaviors of mothers with preterm infants: the health belief model approach

Roghayeh Ghomi · Parvaneh Vasli · Meimanat Hosseini · Farzane Ahmadi ·

International Journal of Health Promotion and Education - DOI: 10.1080/14635240.2019.1601026
The use of the Health Belief Model (HBM) in determining the factors associated with breast cancer screening among female students in Botswana

Roy Tapera · Pauline Kerapetse Senabye · Magen Mhaka-Mutepfa · James January · Samuel Apau ·


Os resultados demonstram que ha incorporacao de aspectos importantes da teoria dos Estudos de Avaliabilidade nos estudos, tais como modelo teorico norteador, uso das etapas proprias de um Estudo de Avaliabilidade, realizacao da modelagem do programa e associacao de fontes de evidencias.

Aplicação do Estudo de Avaliabilidade na área da saúde: uma revisão integrativa [10.1590/0103-1104201912018]

Percolation models were applied to model the hybrid film conductivity and correlate with the hybrid film microstructure.

Carbon Nanotube and Cellulose Nanocrystal Hybrid Films [10.3390/molecules24142662]

Weather data is nowadays used in a variety of navigational and ocean engineering research problems: from the obvious ones like voyage planning and routing of sea-going vessels, through the analysis of stability-related phenomena, to detailed modelling of ships’ manoeuvrability for collision avoidance purposes.

Review of Weather Forecast Services for Ship Routing Purposes [10.2478/pomr-2019-0069]

The strike angle rotation is done by maximizing the anti-diagonal impedance value, while the rotation fix angle refers to the isotropic homogeneous earth model by eliminating the static effect on the surface.

Prediksi Model 2d Data Magnetotelurik Terbaik Berdasarkan Pendekatan Model Irisan Di Cekungan Tomori dan Sekitarnya [10.33332/jgsm.geologi.20.4.225-236]

An Integrated Choice and Latent Variable model is used to bring in the role of the underlying behavioral constructs, while a Latent Class model accounts for taste heterogeneity across the two segments of our sample population.

Frequent versus occasional drivers: A hybrid route choice model [10.1016/J.TRF.2019.05.009]

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