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Frontiers of Hormone Research - DOI: 10.1159/000494899
In utero Androgen Excess: A Developmental Commonality Preceding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

David H Abbott · Marissa Kraynak · Daniel A Dumesic · Jon E Levine ·

Biology Medicine
Frontiers of Hormone Research - DOI: 10.1159/000494909
Androgens in Menopausal Women: Not Only Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Ervin K Kostakis · Lisonia N Gkioni · Djuro Macut · George Mastorakos ·

Frontiers of Hormone Research - DOI: 10.1159/000493238
Euvolemic Hyponatremia Secondary to the Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuresis.

Joseph G. Verbalis ·


When this occurs in the post-operative patient, it is termed Grisel syndrome.

Atlantoaxial Rotatory Subluxation: A Rare Complication of Craniofacial Surgery. [10.1097/scs.0000000000006085]

Multiple evanescent white dot syndrome (MEWDS) was first described in 1984 by Jampol et al.

White Dot Syndrome in Patients with Prior Ocular Toxoplasmosis [10.26717/bjstr.2019.22.003721]

SUMMARY: Morning glory syndrome is characterized by a congenital optic disc defect that resembles the eponymous flower.

Persisting Embryonal Infundibular Recess in Morning Glory Syndrome: Clinical Report of a Novel Association [10.3174/ajnr.A6005]

We hereby report a case of atypical disseminated leishmaniasis in an HIV-positive patient, who also developed Pneumocystis pneumonia as a part of immune reconstitution syndrome after failure of first-line antiretroviral therapy.

Disseminated Leishmaniasis With Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome–associated Pneumocystis Pneumonia in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus–infected Patient With First-line Antiretroviral Therapy Failure [10.1097/IPC.0000000000000733]

Exogenous melatonin proves to be useful among patients with a stabilized psychiatric disorder or in remission, to prevent relapse in case of associated complaints of insomnia, poor quality sleep or delayed sleep phase syndrome.

The use of melatonin in adult psychiatric disorders: Expert recommendations by the French institute of medical research on sleep (SFRMS). [10.1016/j.encep.2019.04.068]

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