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Frontiers of Hormone Research - DOI: 10.1159/000493237
Hyponatremia Is Linked to Bone Loss, Osteoporosis, Fragility and Bone Fractures.

Julianna Barsony · Lauren Kleess · Joseph G. Verbalis ·

Biology Medicine

0%), skeletal muscle/connective tissue and bone disorders (20.

Prevalence of oral corticosteroid use in the German severe asthma population [10.1183/23120541.00092-2019]

Background Osteomyelitis is a severe bone infection and typically leads to progressive bone resorption, destruction and dysfunction.

Inhibition of pyroptosis attenuates Staphylococcus aureus-induced bone injury in traumatic osteomyelitis. [10.21037/ATM.2019.03.40]

The main objective of this manuscript was to demonstrate the use of freeze-dried bone allografts (FDBA) by means of a technique of simultaneous bone augmentation and implant placement (“Bone Ring Technique”) in different indications, i.

Bone Augmentation and Simultaneous Implant Placement with Allogenic Bone Rings and Analysis of Its Purification Success [10.3390/ma12081291]

They are characterized by the presence of multiple bone involving several lines of fracture, resulting in small fragments within the same area.

A Case Report of Comminuted Mandibular Fracture with Condylar Neck Fracture [10.34257/gjmrjvol19is4pg7]

The ability of BMP-2 to induce bone regeneration relies heavily on requiring large amounts for its short half-life, thereby causing side effects such as cancer and inflammation.

Tridax Procumbens Flavonoids Stimulated Synergistic Effects on BMP-2-Induced Bone Regeneration in Critical-Sized of Calvarial Defect [10.17303/jdoh.2019.6.204]

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