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Endocrine Pathology - DOI: 10.1007/s12022-019-9566-7
Correction to: Evaluation of 167 Gene Expression Classifier (GEC) and ThyroSeq v2 Diagnostic Accuracy in the Preoperative Assessment of Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules: Bivariate/HROC Meta-analysis

Martyna Borowczyk · Ewelina Szczepanek-Parulska · Michał Olejarz · Barbara Więckowska · Frederik A. Verburg · Szymon Dębicki · Bartłomiej Budny · Małgorzata Janicka-Jedyńska · Katarzyna Ziemnicka · Marek Ruchała ·

Endocrine Pathology - DOI: 10.1007/s12022-019-09590-5
Preoperative Diagnostic Categories of Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-Like Nuclear Features in Thyroid Core Needle Biopsy and Its Impact on Risk of Malignancy

Hee Young Na · Ji Won Woo · Jae Hoon Moon · June Young Choi · Woo-Jin Jeong · Yeo Koon Kim · Ji-Young Choe · So Yeon Park ·


We will then discuss the most commonly used vestibular tests and their role in the preoperative assessment of patients undergoing vestibular surgery, including nystagmography, caloric testing, rotary chair testing, video head impulse testing, and vestibular evoked myogenic potential testing.

Perioperative vestibular assessment and testing [10.1016/J.OTOT.2019.07.012]

CONCLUSION: Preoperative portal decompression by using neo-adjuvant TIPSS is a safe and efficacious modality to de.

Role Of Neo-Adjuvant TIPS In Child Pugh Class A And B Cirrhotic Patients Undergoing Elective Intra-Abdominal Surgery [10.17554/J.ISSN.2224-3992.2019.08.821]

The goal of this study is to determine if administration of preoperative dexamethasone to diabetic patients is significantly associated with hyperglycemia and increased insulin requirements in the immediate postoperative period after TJA and to identify risk factors for postoperative hyperglycemia immediately after TJA.

The Effect of Dexamethasone on Postoperative Blood Glucose in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Undergoing Total Joint Arthroplasty. [10.1016/j.arth.2019.10.030]

Preoperative characteristics of the patients, perioperative quality, postoperative outcomes, and vaginal length differences were analyzed.

Effect of modified laparoscopic hysterectomy on pelvic floor function [10.1097/MD.0000000000014616]

The preoperative ultrasonography findings were helpful for predicting the degree of difficulty involved in the procedure.

Preoperative Predictors of Level of Difficulty of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy [10.4103/njs.NJS_3_19]

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