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Endocrine Pathology - DOI: 10.1007/s12022-019-9578-3
Parathyroid Neoplasms: Immunohistochemical Characterization and Long Noncoding RNA (lncRNA) Expression

Qiqi Yu · Heather Hardin · Ying-Hsia Chu · William Rehrauer · Ricardo V Lloyd ·

Endocrine Pathology - DOI: 10.1007/s12022-019-09592-3
Using a Novel Diagnostic Nomogram to Differentiate Malignant from Benign Parathyroid Neoplasms

Angelica M. Silva-Figueroa · Roland Bassett · Ioannis Christakis · Pablo Moreno · Callisia N. Clarke · Naifa L. Busaidy · Elizabeth G. Grubbs · Jeffrey E. Lee · Nancy D. Perrier · Michelle D. Williams ·

Endocrine Pathology - DOI: 10.1007/s12022-019-9572-9
Diagnostic Pitfall: Parathyroid Carcinoma Expands the Spectrum of Calcitonin and Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Expressing Neuroendocrine Neoplasms

Anjelica Hodgson · Sara Pakbaz · Farnoosh Tayyari · James Edward Massey Young · Ozgur Mete ·


Patient had multiple Sestamibi scans for re-localization of the abnormal parathyroid which were all unsuccessful.

SUN-512 Denosumab Improves Trabecular but Not Cortical Bone Osteoporosis in a Patient with Refractory Primary Hyperparathyroidism [10.1210/JS.2019-SUN-512]

Here we present a case of hungry bone syndrome in a patient with tertiary hyperparathyroidism due to ESRD after subtotal parathyroidectomy 13 years after kidney transplant.

SUN-LB085 Complicated Hungry Bone Syndrome Due to Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism in a Patient with Kidney Transplant: A Case to Remember [10.1210/JS.2019-SUN-LB085]

Majority FNA of parathyroid lesions is unintended, as intrathyroidal parathyroid adenomas and parathyroid cysts are often mistaken for thyroid lesions.

Head and Neck: Parathyroid [10.1007/978-3-319-76980-6_6]

Here we report a case of giant parathyroid adenoma (GPA) in a patient with first trimester pregnancy.

A Giant Parathyroid Tumor during Pregnancy: Adenoma versus Carcinoma [10.1155/2019/4383698]

In addition to parathyroid in-situ preservation, parathyroid autotransplantation (PA) is another important remedial method for patients whose parathyroid glands have been removed.

Parathyroid autotransplantation at a novel site for better evaluation of the grafted gland function: study protocol for a prospective, randomized controlled trial [10.1186/s13063-019-3195-9]

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