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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review
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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review - DOI: 10.1007/s10567-019-00280-6
Promoting Children’s Healthy Habits Through Self-Regulation Via Parenting

Sabine Baker · Alina Morawska · Amy Mitchell ·

Psychology Medicine
Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review - DOI: 10.1007/s10567-019-00281-5
Promoting Self-Regulation in Young Children: The Role of Parenting Interventions

Alina Morawska · Cassandra K Dittman · Julie C Rusby ·

Psychology Medicine

have been exploited for their health benefits in treatment and prevention of many pathological conditions and promoting human health.

Probiotic Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains possess safety characteristics, antiviral activities and host adherence factors revealed by genome mining [10.1007/s13167-019-00184-z]

Therefore, promoting smoking cessation at early age (especially among 14-35-year-olds) has a key role in reducing tobacco use prevalence.

A dohányzás visszaszorítása a Facebook segítségével a 14–35 éves korosztály körében [10.1556/650.2019.31314]

Political parties in the region should also undertake political socialization as the embodiment of one of the functions of political parties, especially in the areas that became the basis of a mass political party concerned with promoting political ethics that typically become one of the political ideology of political parties.


These findings suggest that the endophytic fungus CSL-1, which produces IAA and GAs, can play a vital role in promoting plant growth and that CSL-1 could be used to enhance crop growth and mitigate plant stress under a variety of environmental conditions.

Growth-promoting bioactivities of Bipolaris sp. CSL-1 isolated from Cannabis sativa suggest a distinctive role in modifying host plant phenotypic plasticity and functions [10.1007/s11738-019-2852-7]

Preliminary themes from focus groups and individual meetings included barriers to engaging in health-promoting behaviors, perceived relationships between asthma and obesity, facilitators to behavior change, and intervention preferences.

Protocol for the Development of a Behavioral Family Lifestyle Intervention Supported by Mobile Health to Improve Weight Self-Management in Children With Asthma and Obesity [10.2196/13549]

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