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Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes
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Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes - DOI: 10.1161/CIRCOUTCOMES.117.004391
Examining the Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Associated Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Among Low-Income Uninsured Adults.

Heidi Allen · Bill J Wright · Keri Vartanian · Kristen Dulacki · Hsin-Fang Li ·

Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes - DOI: 10.1161/CIRCOUTCOMES.118.005024
Cluster Randomized Trial Examining the Impact of Automated Best Practice Alert on Rates of Implantable Defibrillator Therapy.

Jae Lee · Libby Szeto · Deepak Kumar Pasupula · Aliza Hussain · Anam Waheed · Shubash Adhikari · Michael Sharbaugh · Floyd Thoma · Andrew D Althouse · Gary Fischer · Joon Sup Lee · Samir Saba ·


The instruments in the researchers was used a pre-test and post-test of speak data collections was administered to all subjects for examining their ability in speaking skill.

The Effect of Storytelling Technique towards Students’ Speaking Ability [10.32663/EDU-LING.V2I1.564]

However, studies comprehensively examining predictors of delayed infant vaccination are lacking.

Infant, maternal and demographic predictors of delayed vaccination: A population-based cohort study. [10.1016/j.vaccine.2019.09.091]

MethodsTo model the impact of HRCs on health impacts in the UK, we built a front-end model to a pre-established non-communicable-disease (NCD) scenario model, the Preventable Risk Integrated ModEl (PRIME) by combining data from a meta-analysis examining the impact of HRCs on dietary choices and a survey of pre-packaged foods examining the prevalence of HRCs and the nutritional quality of foods that carry them.

Regulating health and nutrition claims in the UK using a nutrient profile model: an explorative modelled health impact assessment [10.1186/s12966-019-0778-5]

For purposes of examining teachers’ practices in integrating the arts, establishing teacher receptiveness to arts integrated curriculum is important in designing and implementing any professional development program.

The content and construct development of the PACT survey [10.1016/J.STUEDUC.2019.01.007]

While gendered online harassment has received increased attention in academic and public debates, there is a lack of empirical studies examining gender differences in experiences with online harass.

Silencing Women? Gender and Online Harassment: [10.1177/0894439319865518]

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Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes

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