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Microenvironment filtering and plant competition jointly structure trait distributions across co-occurring individuals

Genetic Parameters of Stem and Wood Traits in Full-Sib Silver Birch Families

Development, characterization, functional annotation and validation of genomic and genic-SSR markers using de novo next generation sequencing in Melia dubia Cav.

Non-linear Response to Cell Number Revealed and Eliminated From Long-Term Tracheid Measurements of Scots Pine in Southern Siberia

Genetic correlations among pulpwood and solid-wood selection traits in Eucalyptus globulus

Associations among species traits, distribution, and demographic performance after typhoon disturbance for 22 co-occurring woody species in a mesic forest on a subtropical oceanic island

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Long-term nutrient imbalances linked to drought-triggered forest dieback.

Traits and trade-offs of wood anatomy between trunks and branches in tropical dry forest species

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Quantitative genetic parameters for growth and wood properties in Eucalyptus “urograndis” hybrid using near-infrared phenotyping and genome-wide SNP-based relationships

Genetic analysis of fiber-dimension traits and combined selection for simultaneous improvement of growth and stiffness in lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta)

Phenotypic assessment of wood density and stiffness in Melia dubia plantations from three locations using non-destructive tools

Asynchronous leaf and cambial phenology in a tree species of the Congo Basin requires space-time conversion of wood traits.

Soil variation response is mediated by growth trajectories rather than functional traits in a widespread pioneer Neotropical tree

Testing the divergent adaptation of two congeneric tree species on a rainfall gradient using eco‐physio‐morphological traits

Genetic architecture underlying the lignin biosynthesis pathway involves noncoding RNAs and transcription factors for growth and wood properties in Populus

Biomechanical control of beech pole verticality (Fagus sylvatica) before and after thinning: theoretical modelling and ground-truth data using terrestrial LiDAR.

Advanced X-ray CT scanning can boost tree-ring research for earth-system sciences.

Foliar and Wood Traits Covary along a Vertical Gradient within the Crown of Long-Lived Light-Demanding Species of the Congo Basin Semi-Deciduous Forest

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Wood Traits 木特性
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