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Range margin populations show high climate adaptation lags in European trees.

Inferring phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation to climate across tree species ranges using forest inventory data

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Belowground community turnover accelerates the decomposition of standing dead wood.

Ecological genetics of Juglans nigra: Differences in early growth patterns of natural populations

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Carbon dioxide responsiveness mitigates rice yield loss under high night temperature.

Genome-wide association study and gene network analyses reveal potential candidate genes for high night temperature tolerance in rice

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Analysis of the Adaptative Strategy of Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten. in the Colonization of New Territories

A continental perspective on the timing of environmental change during the last glacial stage in Australia

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Recovery efficiency of applied and residual nitrogen fertilizer in tomatoes grown on sandy soils using the 15N technique

Size‐based ecological interactions drive food web responses to climate warming

Impact of temperature on the affinity of SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein for host ACE2

Reconstructing Antarctic winter sea-ice extent during Marine Isotope Stage 5e

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A case report of asymptomatic cutaneous larva migrans

Diverging future surface mass balance between the Antarctic ice shelves and grounded ice sheet

Restorative regeneration of woody ornamental plants in the historical gardens of Peleș Royal Castle, Romania

Temporal effect of feeding on the body temperature and behaviour of captive koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Role of Surface Gravity Waves in Aquaplanet Ocean Climates

Less intensive nitrate leaching from Phaeozems cultivated with maize generally occurs in northeastern China

Salicylic acid and kaolin effects on pomological, physiological, and phytochemical characters of hazelnut (Corylus avellana) at warm summer condition

Global patterns of nitrate isotope composition in rivers and adjacent aquifers reveal reactive nitrogen cascading

Microalgal secondary metabolites: effect of climatic variables, seasons, and photocycles on the biogeneration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

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Ecosystem type drives tea litter decomposition and associated prokaryotic microbiome communities in freshwater and coastal wetlands at a continental scale.

Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Breeding

Adaptive pattern of phenotypic plasticity and inherent growth reveal the potential for assisted transfer in sessile oak (Quercus petraea L.)

Occupational heat stress and economic burden: a review of global evidence.

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The surprising evolutionary heritage of the Atlantic walrus as chronicled by the fossil record

Biocomposites of Low-Density Polyethylene Plus Wood Flour or Flax Straw: Biodegradation Kinetics across Three Environments

The thermal performance of a green roof on a highly insulated building in a sub-arctic climate

Worldwide aflatoxin contamination of agricultural products and foods: From occurrence to control.

Developmental stage variation in Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) low temperature tolerance: implications for overwintering

The Late Quaternary sediment successions of Llangorse Lake, south Wales

Phase Change Material Integration in Building Envelopes in Different Building Types and Climates: Modeling the Benefits of Active and Passive Strategies

The Influence of Diverse Building Height and Building Coverage Ratio on Outdoor Thermal Performance in Hot Climates: A Review

A diagnostic model for the large-scale tropical circulation based on moist static energy balance

Variation in Xylem Hydraulic Structure and Function of Two Mangrove Species across a Latitudinal Gradient in Eastern Australia

A Diagnostic Model for The Large-Scale Tropical Circulation Based on Moist Static Energy Balance

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3F.004 Occupational heat stress and economic burden: evidence for workplace heat management policies

Out of the extratropics: the evolution of the latitudinal diversity gradient of Cenozoic marine plankton

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A systematic review on the association between total and cardiopulmonary mortality/morbidity or cardiovascular risk factors with long-term exposure to increased or decreased ambient temperature.

Contrasting pathways of carbon sequestration in paddy and upland soils

Apical Rooted Cuttings Revolutionize Seed Potato Production by Smallholder Farmers in the Tropics

Waste Heat Driven Multi-Ejector Cooling Systems: Optimization of Design at Partial Load; Seasonal Performance and Cost Evaluation

Impact of temperature on the affinity of SARS-CoV-2 Spike for ACE2

Consistent Poplar Clone Ranking Based on Leaf Phenology and Temperature Along a Latitudinal and Climatic Gradient in Northern Europe

Shape-shifting: changing animal morphologies as a response to climatic warming.

Sex-specific ornament evolution is a consistent feature of climatic adaptation across space and time in dragonflies

Using time series of MODIS land surface phenology to model temperature and photoperiod controls on spring greenup in North American deciduous forests

Energy retrofit of residential building clusters. a literature review of crossover recommended measures, policies instruments and allocated funds in spain

Higher biomass partitioning to absorptive roots improves needle nutrition but does not alleviate stomatal limitation of northern Scots pine.

345Occupational heat stress and economic burden: evidence to support development of workplace heat management policies

Diverging future surface mass balance between the Antarctic ice shelves and grounded ice sheet

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Nonlinear recurrence quantification of the monsoon-season heavy rainy-days over northwest Himalaya for the baseline and future periods.

Climatic selection and gene expression plasticity

Management of severe Raynaud’s Phenomenon secondary to autoimmune vasculopathy in a young woman

Regeneration patterns in Mexican pine-oak forests

Conceptual matrix for the biofuels of the future applicable to the Romanian economy

Earthworm communities in conventional and organic fruit orchards under two different climates

Models for Malaria

Environmental Persistence of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Applied to Endemic Regions.

Bluetongue risk under future climates

Southern Hemisphere subtropical drying as a transient response to warming

China’s new towns

Assessing population vulnerability towards summer energy poverty: Case studies of Madrid and London

Convective dynamics and the response of precipitation extremes to warming in radiative-convective equilibrium

Ethanol production from residual lignocellulosic fibers generated through the steam treatment of whole sorghum biomass.

Climate Change and Occupational Health: Are There Limits to Our Ability to Adapt?

Projected Changes in Multi-day Extreme Precipitation Over the Western Balkan Region

Variation in light interception traits in European spring barley landraces

Climate change adaptation with non-native tree species in Central European forests: early tree survival in a multi-site field trial

Altitudinal variation in body size in Bufo minshanicus supports Bergmann’s rule

Green Infrastructure in the Urban Environment: A Systematic Quantitative Review

The characteristics and structure of extra-tropical cyclones in awarmer climate

Cardiac MRI use in the diagnosis of acute infectious myocarditis

Heating quinoa shoots results in yield loss by inhibiting fruit production and delaying maturity

Geographical Discrimination in Curcuminoids Content of Turmeric Assessed by Rapid UPLC-DAD Validated Analytical Method

The impact of thermal transmittance variation on building design in the Mediterranean region

Contrasted Micro-Eukaryotic Diversity Associated with Sphagnum Mosses in Tropical, Subtropical and Temperate Climatic Zones

Fluvial CO2 and CH4 patterns across wildfire-disturbed ecozones of subarctic Canada: Current status and implications for future change.

Proteomic and metabolomic profiling underlines the stage- and time-dependent effects of high temperature on grape berry metabolism

Free-Living Amoebae in Rivers and Ponds and Their Multiple Role in Environmental Health

Advances in the studies of plant diversity and ecological adaptation in the subnival ecosystem of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Bland turister och araber: Juho Rissanen på hälsoresa i Biskra 1931

The Role of Low Soil Temperature for Photosynthesis and Stomatal Conductance of Three Graminoids From Different Elevations

Can antecedent moisture conditions modulate the increase in flood risk due to climate change in urban catchments

Climate policy implications of nonlinear decline of Arctic land permafrost and other cryosphere elements

Soils of the Argentine Antarctica

Several parameters that influence body size in the sea anemone Actinia equina in rock pools on the Yorkshire coast

Unexpected spatial population ecology of a widespread terrestrial salamander near its southern range edge

Trials Evaluating Solarization and Tarping for Improved Stale Seedbed Preparation in the Northeast USA

Biology at Different Temperatures, Thermal Requirements, and Ecological Zoning of Opogona sacchari (Lepidoptera: Tineidae)

Projections of Climate Suitability for Wine Production for the Cotnari Wine Region (Romania)

The global distribution of avian eggshell colours suggest a thermoregulatory benefit of darker pigmentation

Fuel Properties of Torrefied Biomass from Pruning of Oxytree

The share of cooling electricity in global warming: Estimation of the loop gain for the positive feedback

Long-Term Exposure to Ozone and Cardiopulmonary Mortality: Epidemiology Strikes Again

The differentiation and speciation of Scapania javanica and S. undulata complexes in the Eastern Sino-Himalayas and perimeters for Scapania Sect. Stephania (Scapaniaceae, Hepaticae)

Twins With Endogenous Tinea Versicolor

Two Harvests Are Better than One: Double Cropping as a Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation

Synergistic and antagonistic effects of land use and non-native species on community responses to climate change.

Global analysis reveals climatic controls on the oxygen isotope composition of cave drip water

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Warmer Climates 气候变暖

Warmer Climates 气候变暖
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