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Impact of the Inferior Right Hepatic Veins on Right Liver Lobe Regeneration in Living-Donor Liver Transplant: 3-Dimensional Computed Tomography Scan Analyses in Donors and Recipients.

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Connectivity steered graph Fourier transform for motor imagery BCI decoding.

Factors determining the best surgical exposure and safe clip positioning in surgical treatment of anterior communicating artery (AComA) aneurysms - particular significance of AComA complex rotation in the axial plane.

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Congenital diaphragmatic hernia and associated omphalocele: a study from the CDHSG registry.

Comparison of Central Venous Pressure (Cvp) Score among Patients on Mechanical Ventilator with Head of Bed (Hob) Elevation 30O; Neutral, Right, and Left Side Positions

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Targeted Memory Reactivation during Sleep Elicits Neural Signals Related to Learning Content

Does the pattern of bicuspid aortic valve leaflet fusion determine the success of the Ross procedure?

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Vs Right 对吧

Vs Right 对吧
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