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Fluoroalkyl N-sulfonyl hydrazones: An efficient reagent for the synthesis of fluoroalkylated compounds

Isoselenocyanates: Synthesis and Their Use for Preparing Selenium-Based Heterocycles

Electric coupling

Hypergolic Synthesis of Inorganic Materials by the Reaction of Metallocene Dichlorides With Fuming Nitric Acid At Ambient Conditions: The Case of Photocatalytic Titania

Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structures of a Thiophosphinoyl- and Amino-Substituted Metallated Ylide.

Generation of Monoaryl-λ3-iodanes from Arylboron Compounds through ipso-Substitution

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Versatile Reagents 多功能试剂

Versatile Reagents 多功能试剂
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