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Simulation for replanting eucalyptus: A review

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Herbal medicine used to treat andrological problems: Middle East

Οι προστατευόμενες περιοχές της χώρας στο πλαίσιο διαφύλαξης και ανάδειξης της βιοποικιλότητας

Impact of Urban Land Cover Types on Surface Temperature

Simulation of Daily Mean Soil Temperatures for Agricultural Land Use Considering Limited Input Data

Influence of climates and materials on the moisture buffering in office buildings: a comprehensive numerical study in China

Estimated viability of greenhouse cooling technologies for growing a tomato crop under various climates

Effect of dew and rain on photovoltaic solar cell performances

A Solution-processed Inorganic Emitter with High Spectral Effectiveness for Efficient Daytime Radiative Cooling in Hot Humid Climates

Evapotranspiration enhancement drives the European water-budget deficit during multi-year droughts

Thermal drift compensation in dark-frame non-uniformity correction for an InGaAs PIN 3D flash lidar camera

Evaluation of drought events in various climatic conditions using data-driven models and a reliability-based probabilistic model

The RapeseedMap10 database: annual maps of rapeseed at a spatial resolution of 10 m based on multi-source data

Are variations in kernel-related morphometric and chemical parameters correlated with differences in Sitophilus oryzae attack in maize?

Evaluating the long-term impact of projected climate on rice-lentil-groundnut cropping system in Lower Gangetic Plain of India using crop simulation modelling

Applicability of phase change material according to climate zones as defined in ASHRAE standard 169-2013

Habitat preferences of Testudo graeca, Linnaeus 1758 (Testudines; Testudinidae) with a new locality record from eastern Black Sea region of Turkey

Nested Augmentation of Rainfall Monitoring Network: Proposing a Hybrid Implementation of Block Kriging and Entropy Theory


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Feasibility study on a novel 3D vapor chamber used for Li-ion battery thermal management system of electric vehicle

Status Analysis of Agricultural Disasters in Yunnan Province

Correlation of advanced accelerated stress testing with polyamide-based photovoltaic backsheet field-failures

An evaluation study of miniature dielectric crossed compound parabolic concentrator (dCCPC) panel as skylights in building energy simulation

Numerical analysis on the advantages of evacuated gap insulation of vacuum-water flow window in building energy saving under various climates

The Mapp Way: Success through Combining the Motivational and Caring Climates

Improving the McClear model estimating the downwelling solar radiation at ground level in cloud-free conditions – McClear‑v3

Local honey bees (Apis mellifera) have lower pathogen loads and higher productivity compared to non-local transplanted bees in North America

Comparison of dynamic simulations and the ISO 52016 standard for the assessment of building energy performance

Fault detection in commercial building VAV AHU: A case study of an academic building

Bioclimatic potential of European locations: GIS supported study of proposed passive building design strategies

Dynamic simulation of a hybrid dew point evaporative cooler and vapour compression refrigerated system for a building using EnergyPlus

Generating temperature cycle profile from in-situ climatic condition for accurate prediction of thermo-mechanical degradation of c-Si photovoltaic module

Depth recovery for unstructured farmland road image using an improved SIFT algorithm

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A New Clear-Sky Method for Assessing Photosynthetically Active Radiation at the Surface Level

Depth recovery for unstructured farmland road image using an improved SIFT algorithm

Purification Performance of Typha Latifolia, Juncus Effusus and Papyrus Cyperus in Arid Climate: Influence of Seasonal Variation

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Various Climates 各种气候

Various Climates 各种气候
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