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Development and evaluation of an online continuing education course to increase healthcare provider self-efficacy to make strong HPV vaccine recommendations to East African immigrant families

A significant portion of college students are not aware of HPV disease and HPV vaccine recommendations

Vaccine Recommendations sentence examples within Influenza Vaccine Recommendations

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine: Uptake, Attitude, and Knowledge Among Patients Receiving Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy

Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2021–2022

Vaccine Recommendations sentence examples within 19 Vaccine Recommendations

Prevention and Control of Seasonal Influenza with Vaccines: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, United States, 2021–22 Influenza Season

Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule, United States, 2021

Vaccine Recommendations sentence examples within Meningococcal Vaccine Recommendations

Use of Cost-Effectiveness Analyses for Decisions About Vaccination Programs for Meningococcal Disease in the United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Canada

Epidemiologic Trends, Global Shifts in Meningococcal Vaccination Guidelines, and Data Supporting the Use of MenACWY-TT Vaccine: A Review

Vaccine Recommendations sentence examples within Pneumococcal Vaccine Recommendations

The epidemiologic and biologic basis for classifying older age as a high-risk, immunocompromising condition for pneumococcal vaccine policy

Persistence of immunity to conjugate and polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccines in frail, hospitalised older adults in long-term follow up.

Vaccine Recommendations sentence examples within Specific Vaccine Recommendations

Vaccination issues for transplantation and chemotherapy

Opportunities for pharmacists to recommend and administer routine vaccines

Vaccine Recommendations sentence examples within Guide Vaccine Recommendations

Pediatric Respiratory and Enteric Virus Acquisition and Immunogenesis in US Mothers and Children Aged 0-2: PREVAIL Cohort Study

Safety Monitoring of an Additional Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine — United States, August 12–September 19, 2021

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Vaccine Recommendations sentence examples within Global Vaccine Recommendations

Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines in the HIVE Household Cohort Over 8 Years: Is There Evidence of Indirect Protection?

Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines in the HIVE household cohort over 8 years: is there evidence of indirect protection?

Predictors of hepatitis A immunity in adults in California in order to better utilize hepatitis A vaccine.

Understanding the approach of family physicians in Turkey to the problem of vaccine rejection

Prevalence and Determinants of Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccines Recommendation Discrepancies among General Practitioners in French-Speaking Parts of Belgium

What Demographic, Social, and Contextual Factors Influence the Intention to Use COVID-19 Vaccines: A Scoping Review

‘‘Those who do not vaccinate don’t love themselves, or anyone else’’: a qualitative study of views and attitudes of urban pregnant women towards maternal immunisation in Panama

Epidemiologic changes and novelties on vaccination against Bordetella pertussis in Latin America.

Letter from the editor

Parental vaccine hesitancy: scope, causes, and potential responses

Examining Associations between Knowledge and Vaccine Uptake Using the Human Papillomavirus Knowledge Questionnaire (HPV-KQ).

What Prompts Doctors to Recommend COVID-19 Vaccines: Is It a Question of Positive Emotion?

An open-label, single-arm study evaluating the immunogenicity and safety of the hepatitis B vaccine HepB-CpG (HEPLISAV-B®) in adults receiving hemodialysis.

Trust in Doctors, Positive Attitudes, and Vaccination Behavior: The Role of Doctor-Patient Communication in H1N1 Vaccination.

Is further research on adult pneumococcal vaccine uptake improvement programs worthwhile? Α value of information analysis.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Administration at Global TravEpiNet (GTEN) Clinics during a Period of Limited Vaccine Availability in the United States, 2017-2018.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in the transition between adolescence and adulthood.

Robust and prototypical immune responses toward influenza vaccines in the high-risk group of Indigenous Australians

Practice patterns and knowledge among California pediatricians regarding human papillomavirus and its relation to head and neck cancer.

Improving Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake in the Family Practice Setting

Toward Optimal Communication About HPV Vaccination for Preteens and Their Parents: Evaluation of an Online Training for Pediatric and Family Medicine Health Care Providers

Detection and discrimination of influenza B Victoria lineage deletion variant viruses by real-time RT-PCR

Assessing barriers to patient acceptance of pharmacist-provided recommendations for international travel.

Usefulness of a systematic approach at listing for vaccine prevention in solid organ transplant candidates

Strength of belief: Religious commitment, knowledge, and HPV vaccination adherence

Practical points for applying herpes zoster vaccine recommendations.

Health Aspects of International Adoption

Risk factors for modified vaccine effectiveness of the live attenuated zoster vaccine among the elderly in England☆

Waning of influenza vaccine protection: Exploring the trade-offs of changes in vaccination timing among older adults.

Pharmacists and vaccination in pregnancy

Disparities in healthcare providers’ interpretations and implementations of ACIP’s meningococcal vaccine recommendations

P104 Pharmacologic differences of adalimumab, infliximab and etanercept: do we need specific vaccination recommendations for prenatally exposed infants?


Pharmacist-Driven Spirometry Screening to Target High-Risk Patients in a Primary Care Setting

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