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HIV Vaccine Preparedness among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Taiwan: Sociocultural and Behavioral Factors

HIV prevalence and risk behavior among male and female adults screened for enrolment into a vaccine preparedness study in Maputo, Mozambique

Efficacy of Prepared Oil Inactivated Pigeon Paramyxo Vaccine

Production of polyclonal antibody against kidney antigens: a model for studying autoantibody in feline chronic kidney diseases

Contraceptive Effect of a Vaccine Targeting Leukemia Inhibitory Factor that is Vital for Implantation

In Process Quality Control Factors Affecting Potency of Fowl Cholera Vaccine

Preparation of the inactivated Newcastle disease vaccine by plasma activated water and evaluation of its protection efficacy

A Bacillus-based Coxsackie virus A16 mucosal vaccine induces strong neutralizing antibody responses

Seroconversion Studies of Indian Newcastle Disease Virus Isolates of Genotype XIII in 3 week Old Chickens

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Vaccine Prepared 疫苗准备

Vaccine Prepared 疫苗准备
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