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Polymeric nanoparticle vaccines to combat emerging and pandemic threats

Formulation of a recombinant HIV‐1 polytope candidate vaccine with naloxone/alum mixture: induction of multi‐cytokine responses with a higher regulatory mechanism

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Immunization of mice by the co-administration of codon-optimized HPV16 E7 and lL12 genes against HPV16-associated cervical cancer.

Listeriolysin O immunogenetic adjuvant enhanced potency of hepatitis C virus NS3 DNA vaccine

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Selective Capture and Determination of Receptor-Binding Hemagglutinin in Influenza Vaccine Preparations Using a Coupled Receptor-Binding/RP-HPLC Assay.

SPRi-based hemagglutinin quantitative assay for influenza vaccine production monitoring.

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In vitro assessment of tick-borne encephalitis vaccine: Suitable human cell platforms and potential biomarkers.

Cross-Reactive and Lineage-Specific Single Domain Antibodies against Influenza B Hemagglutinin

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Assessment of Newcastle disease vaccines from different veterinary outlets in Abeokuta

Biological and molecular characterization of classical swine fever challenge virus from Mongolia

In-silico Design of Multi-epitope Vaccine against Nipah Virus using Immunoinformatics Approach

COVID-19 vaccine is here: vaccines-related imaging findings

A formulated poly (I:C)/CCL21 as an effective mucosal adjuvant for gamma-irradiated influenza vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine is here: practical considerations for clinical imaging applications

Verification of the rabies virus glycoprotein lower limit of immunogenicity by serological assay.

Production of neutralizing antibodies against the secreted Clostridium chauvoei toxin A (CctA) upon blackleg vaccination.

Stability of a monovalent rotavirus vaccine after exposure to different temperatures observed in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Hemagglutinin Quantitative ELISA-based Potency Assay for Trivalent Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Using Group-Specific Universal Monoclonal Antibodies

Protein engineering and particulate display of B-cell epitopes to facilitate development of novel vaccines.

Evaluation of Different Stabilizers and Inactivating Compounds for the Enhancement of Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine Stability and Immunogenicity: In Vitro Study

Design and Optimization of a Temperature-Stable Dry Powder BCG Vaccine

Antigenic and physicochemical characterization of Hepatitis B surface protein under extreme temperature and pH conditions.

Estimating the protection afforded by foot-and-mouth disease vaccines in the laboratory.

Using chloroform as a preservative for trivalent foot and mouth disease vaccine in comparison to thiomersal

Altered antigenicity and immunogenicity of human papillomavirus virus-like particles in the presence of thimerosal.

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Vaccine Potency 疫苗效力

Vaccine Potency 疫苗效力
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