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Impact of COVID-19 and intensive care unit capacity on vaccination support: Evidence from a two-leg representative survey in the United Kingdom

Predicting COVID-19 Vaccination Intention: The Determinants of Vaccine Hesitancy

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HPV vaccine communication training in healthcare systems: Evaluating a train-the-trainer model.

Are Men Being Left Behind (Or Catching Up)? Differences in HPV Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitudes Between Diverse College Men and Women

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Predictors of COVID-19 vaccine intentions in the United States: the role of psychosocial health constructs and demographic factors

COVID-19 and vaccine hesitancy: A longitudinal study

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Rural Adolescent Immunization: Delivery Practices and Barriers to Uptake

Tracking Changes in Vaccine Attitudes and Decisions: Results from 2008 and 2016 Parental Surveys.

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“Vaccinate, Do Not Hesitate!”. Vaccination Readiness against COVID-19 among Polish Nursing Undergraduate Students: A National Cross-Sectional Survey

Letter from the editor

Implications of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among young adults experiencing homelessness: a brief report

MMR Vaccine Attitude and Uptake Research in the United Kingdom: A Critical Review

Letter from the editor

Attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccine and reasons for adherence or not among nursing students

Evaluating the effects of vaccine messaging on immunization intentions and behavior: Evidence from two randomized controlled trials in Vermont.

Assessing licensed nurses COVID-19 vaccine attitudes and intentions: a cross-sectional survey in the state of Hawaii.


COVID-19 Vaccination and Intention to Vaccinate Among a Sample of College Students in New Jersey

Attitudes toward Rubella and Varicella Vaccination during Preconception Care

A systematic review and meta-analysis of effectiveness of decision aids for vaccination decision-making.

Exploring public perceptions of the COVID-19 vaccine online from a cultural perspective: Semantic network analysis of two social media platforms in the United States and China

Young African Americans’ Communication with Family Members About COVID-19: Impact on Vaccination Intention and Implications for Health Communication Interventions

Prevalence and correlates of vaccine attitudes and behaviors in a cohort of low-income mothers

Cultural adaptation in HPV vaccine intervention among racial and ethical minority population: a systematic literature review.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions of COVID-19 Vaccination among Healthcare Workers of an Inner-City Hospital in New York

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and reasons for or against adherence among dentists

Exploring mechanisms of a web-based values-tailored childhood vaccine promotion intervention trial: Effects on parental vaccination values, attitudes, and intentions.

Contribution of rationality to vaccine attitudes: Testing two hypotheses

Christian Nationalism and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Uptake

Letter from the editor

Evaluation of COVID-19 Vaccine Attitudes among Arab American Healthcare Professionals Living in the United States

MMR Vaccine Attitude and Uptake Research in the United Kingdom: A Critical Review

Disgust as an emotional driver of vaccine attitudes and uptake? A mediation analysis

Sociodemographic and clinical correlates of human papillomavirus vaccine attitudes and receipt among Wisconsin adolescents

Addressing personal parental values in decisions about childhood vaccination: Measure development.

The echo in flu-vaccination echo chambers: Selective attention trumps social influence.

Do previously held vaccine attitudes dictate the extent and influence of vaccine information-seeking behavior during pregnancy?

Vaccine-related advertising in the Facebook Ad Archive.

Improving Human Papillomavirus-Related Knowledge and Attitudes Among Ethnically Diverse Young Adults

Denver Religious Leaders’ Vaccine Attitudes, Practices, and Congregational Experiences

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Vaccine Attitudes 疫苗态度

Vaccine Attitudes 疫苗态度
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