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[Significance and Role of Academic Detailing for Optimal Medication].

Constructing large scale biomedical knowledge bases from scratch with rapid annotation of interpretable patterns

ATLA Evolves to the Next Stage: FRAME is partnering with SAGE Publishing to take ATLA forward

Automated Neural Network Construction with Similarity Sensitive Evolutionary Algorithms

Promoting deep learning through project-based learning: a design problem

Platform Organisations in Social Innovation: A Lot of Old Wine in a Bottle

Editorial: Back in Black

How science-policy relations change: implementing EU environmental policy in Poland

Algorithmic risk governance: Big data analytics, race and information activism in criminal justice debates

Crop Yield Prediction Using Deep Learning in Mediterranean Region

An AutomationML Based Ontology for Sensor Fusion in Industrial Plants

Participatory Planning Under Scenarios of Glacier Retreat and Tourism Growth in Southeast Iceland

Ecosystem services mapping in practice: A Pasteur’s quadrant perspective

Trust and organisational performance: A grounded theory approach for a South African district municipality

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Usable Knowledge 有用的知识

Usable Knowledge 有用的知识
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