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Spin glass feature and exchange bias effect in metallic Pt/antiferromagnetic LaMnO3 heterostructure

Disclosing antiferromagnetism in tetragonal Cr2O3 by electrical measurements

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Pt-Co@Pt Octahedral Nanocrystals: Enhancing Their Activity and Durability toward Oxygen Reduction with an Intermetallic Core and an Ultrathin Shell.

Mastering the surface strain of platinum catalysts for efficient electrocatalysis.

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Exploring Strategies toward Synthetic Precision Control within Core-Shell Nanowires.

Hydrogen-assisted scalable preparation of ultrathin Pt shells onto surfactant-free and uniform Pd nanoparticles for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction in practical fuel cells

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Стабильность сенсоров паров жидких углеводородов на основе тонких пленок SnO-=SUB=-2-=/SUB=-, модифицированных различными катализаторами

Correction: High-efficiency methanol oxidation electrocatalysts realized by ultrathin PtRuM-O (M = Ni, Fe, Co) nanosheets.

Defect induced, layer-modulated magnetism in ultrathin metallic PtSe2

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Current-Driven Skyrmion Dynamics and Drive-Dependent Skyrmion Hall Effect in an Ultrathin Film

Facile synthesis of ultrathin Pt–Pd nanosheets for enhanced formic acid oxidation and oxygen reduction reaction

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Quantum size stabilization of Ge3Pt nanofilms on Ge(001)

One-Nanometer-Thick Pt3Ni Bimetallic Alloy Nanowires Advanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Integrating Multiple Advantages into One Catalyst

Ultrathin PtNi nanozyme based self-powered photoelectrochemical aptasensor for ultrasensitive chloramphenicol detection.

One-nanometer-thick platinum-based nanowires with controllable surface structures

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Current-driven dynamics of magnetic skyrmions in an ultrathin film: experiments and modelling

Ultrathin one-dimensional platinum-cobalt nanowires as efficient catalysts for the glycerol oxidation reaction.

Defect passivation using ultrathin PTAA layers for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells with a high fill factor and eliminated hysteresis

Modification of magnetization ordering in Pt/Co/Pt trilayers depending on the scanning direction of a focused ion beam

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Crystalline Facet-Directed Generation Engineering of Ultrathin Platinum Nanodendrites.

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Ultrathin Pt 超薄铂

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