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Compressible subsonic cavity flow in a nozzle

Windowed space–time least-squares Petrov–Galerkin model order reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems

Local well-posedness of solutions to the boundary layer equations for 2D compressible flow

Buzz characteristics and separation bubble dynamics in supersonic intake

Weak-Strong Uniqueness for Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Equations with Coulomb Force

Immersed boundary conditions for hypersonic flows using ENO-like least-square reconstruction

Effect of Compressibility on Velocity Profile and Friction Factor of Gaseous Laminar Flows in a Microtube

Simple waves of the two dimensional compressible Euler system for a class of pressure laws

Spatio-temporal aeroacoustic–structural responses of cavity-backed elastic panel liner exposed to grazing duct flow

Simple waves for two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics with extended Chaplygin gas

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Two Dimensional Compressible 二维可压缩

Two Dimensional Compressible 二维可压缩
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