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Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection Versus Surveillance for Adult Early Stage Pure Testicular Teratoma: A Nationwide Analysis

Encouraging Outcomes Allow Patient-Guided Treatment Strategies for Stage I Pure Testicular Teratoma

Dentigerous Equine Teratoma in a Stallion: Surgical Management and Clinicopathology

Downregulation of inhibitor of apoptosis protein induces apoptosis and suppresses stemness maintenance in testicular teratoma

A Rare Case of Testicular Teratoma Metastasizing to the Right Ventricle

Burned-out Post Pubertal Teratoma Presenting as a Liver Metastases in a 34-Year-Old Male

Testicular germ cell tumors arise in the absence of sex-specific differentiation.

Empty hemiscrotum and a giant abdominal mass case report

Testicular teratoma demanded in‐depth pathological exploration to rule out malignancy: A pediatric case report

Prenatal Diagnosis of Teratoma in a Torqued Undescended Testis Masked as Unclear Intra-Abdominal Mass

Testicular Teratoma in a Unilateral Right-Sided Abdominal Cryptorchid Horse

SUN-208 Rare Case of 47XXY/46XX Mosaic Klinefelter Syndrome

Mixed germ cell tumor composed of a tridermic testicular teratoma and seminoma in a rooster

Acoustic Streaming A Diagnostic Clue to Diagnosing Testicular Teratoma

Somatic Malignant Transformation of a Testicular Teratoma: A Case Report and an Unusual Presentation

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Testicular Teratoma 睾丸畸胎瘤

Testicular Teratoma 睾丸畸胎瘤
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