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Overcoming Penal Boundaries: Exploring The Evolution of Retributive Time Through Parole Decision-Making

Potential impacts of bike-and-ride on job accessibility and spatial equity in São Paulo, Brazil

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Time-dependent toxicity of tire particles on soil nematodes

Time-Dependent Toxicity of Tire Particles on Soil Nematodes

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Generalisation of threat expectancy increases with time

Positive psychological states in the arc from mindfulness to self-transcendence: extensions of the Mindfulness-to-Meaning Theory and applications to addiction and chronic pain treatment.

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Synaptic and behavioral effects of chronic stress are linked to dynamic and sex-specific changes in microglia function and astrocyte dystrophy

P120 IL-23 receptor signaling is important during physiological bone remodeling and radial bone growth through regulation of osteoblast differentiation

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Identifying Within-Field Spatial and Temporal Crop Water Stress to Conserve Irrigation Resources with Variable-Rate Irrigation

Spatio-temporal soil moisture retrieval at the catchment-scale using a dense network of cosmic-ray neutron sensors

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Movement of mud snails affects population dynamics, primary production and landscape heterogeneity in tidal flat ecosystems

gen3sis: A general engine for eco-evolutionary simulations of the processes that shape Earth’s biodiversity

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Environment and human health as complex interacting systems

High-resolution focal-plane wavefront sensing for time-varying aberrations

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Contrasting Geographic Patterns of Ignition Probability and Burn Severity in the Mojave Desert

Habitat use at fire edges: Does animal activity follow temporal patterns of habitat change?

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Phytoplankton community structuring and succession in a competition-neutral resource landscape

Male-Biased Partial Migration in a Giraffe Population

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Simplifying the interpretation of continuous time models for spatio-temporal networks

Temporal stability of swine movement networks in the U.S.

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Spatially explicit methane emissions from the largest wetland complex in North America: Past, present and future

How the fishing effort control and environmental changes affect the sustainability of a tropical shrimp small scale fishery

Assembly of the Populus Microbiome Is Temporally Dynamic and Determined by Selective and Stochastic Factors

Predicting the impact of spatial heterogeneity on microbial redox dynamics and nutrient cycling in the subsurface

Reconstruction of the Ediacaran sulfur cycle and oceanic redox evolution in shallow-water regions of the Yangtze platform, South China

A dynamic, spatially periodic, micro‐pattern of HES5 underlies neurogenesis in the mouse spinal cord

Woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus) avoid wellsite activity during winter

Frequency-dependent tree growth depends on climate.

Spatio-temporal dynamics of coral-macroalgal interactions and their impacts on coral growth on urbanised reefs.

Large-scale shift in the structure of a kelp forest ecosystem co-occurs with an epizootic and marine heatwave

Towards an improved understanding of biogeochemical processes across surface-groundwater interactions in intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams

Stratification in Microbial Communities with Depth and Redox Status in a Eutrophic Lake Across Two Years

Life history traits of the coccinellids Scymnus subvillosus and S. interruptus on their prey Aphis spiraecola and A. gossypii: Implications for biological control of aphids in clementine citrus

What causes deforestation in Indonesia

A long-term precision agriculture system sustains grain profitability

Detection of clusters in traffic networks based on spatio-temporal flow modeling

A data-conditioned stochastic parameterization of temporal plant trait variability in an ecohydrological model and the potential for plasticity

Brand yourself, design your future: Portfolio-building in the social media age

Global change stressors alter resources and shift plant interactions from facilitation to competition over time.

Depression related cerebral pathology and its relationship with cognitive functioning: A systematic review.

Reconstructing the European Grapevine Moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), Invasion in California: Insights From a Successful Eradication

The Management of Reputational Risks in Banks: Findings From Germany and Switzerland

Cropland Mapping Using Fusion of Multi-Sensor Data in a Complex Urban/Peri-Urban Area

New Pond—Indicator Bacteria to Complement Routine Monitoring in a Wet/Dry Tropical Wastewater Stabilization System

PDGFRα inhibition in soft-tissue sarcomas: Have we gotten it all wrong?

Direct and widespread role for the nuclear receptor EcR in mediating the response to ecdysone in Drosophila

The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT): A computational text analysis

Spatial variation in aquatic food webs in the Amazon River floodplain

The next generation personalized models to screen hidden layers of breast cancer tumorigenicity

Temporally Dynamic 时间动态

Temporally Dynamic 时间动态
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