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Fossil Dennstaedtiaceae and Hymenophyllaceae from the Early Eocene of the Pacific Northwest

Atmospheric water vapor radiative effects on shortwave radiation under clear skies: A global spatiotemporal analysis

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Relict groups of spiny frogs indicate Late Paleogene-Early Neogene trans-Tibet dispersal of thermophile faunal elements

Relict groups of spiny frogs indicate Late Paleogene-Early Neogene trans-Tibet dispersal of thermophile faunal elements

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In vitro screening as an anthelmintic discovery pipeline for Calicophoron daubneyi: nutritive media and rumen environment-based approaches

Advances in Plant Breeding Strategies: Cereals: Volume 5

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High Ambient Temperatures Inhibit Ghd7-mediated Flowering Repression in Rice.

Long-term evaluation of residential summer thermal comfort: Measured vs. perceived thermal conditions in nZEB houses in Wallonia

Where have all the viruses gone? Disappearance of seasonal respiratory viruses during the COVID‐19 pandemic

Human Activity Affects Forest Fires: The Impact of Anthropogenic Factors on the Density of Forest Fires in Poland

Forecasting Energy Impact in Multifamily Buildings Through Airtightness Models

Nitrous Oxide Emission from Grazing Is Low across a Gradient of Plant Functional Diversity and Soil Conditions

Comparison of Machine and Deep Learning Methods to Estimate Shrub Willow Biomass from UAS Imagery

In the shade – Screening of medicinal and aromatic plants for temperate zone agroforestry cultivation

Summertime overheating in dwellings in temperate climates

Benchmarking cooling and heating energy demands considering climate change, population growth and cooling device uptake

Earlier Flowering of Betula pendula Roth in Augsburg, Germany, Due to Higher Temperature, NO2 and Urbanity, and Relationship with Betula spp. Pollen Season

Decline and recovery in cell population densities of Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae) as a novel bloom driver for the species

A classification approach for urban metabolism using the CART model and its application in China

Piomiosite del cingolo scapolare con focolai polmonari multipli e sepsi da MRSA

The colour and sensory characteristics of longissimus muscle from beef cattle that grazed grass or consumed concentrates prior to slaughter.

Ecosystem type drives tea litter decomposition and associated prokaryotic microbiome communities in freshwater and coastal wetlands at a continental scale.

Interactions between cattle breed type and anabolic implant strategy impact circulating serum metabolites, feedlot performance, feeding behavior, carcass characteristics, and economic return in beef steers.

Tropical-temperate dichotomy falls apart in the Asian Palmate Group of Araliaceae

Cold response and tolerance in cereal roots.

Chance or Necessity—The Fungi Co−Occurring with Formica polyctena Ants

The effect of rain on photovoltaic systems

A green solution for decentralised water treatment: a pilot-scale study on the performance of green walls irrigated with greywater, under a Mediterranean climate

077 Acute monoplegia

Tree rings and genetic control of drought resilience

Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste, Brewery Waste, and Agricultural Residues in an Off-Grid Continuous Reactor

Soil structural development in a rehabilitated open-cast mine site in south-east Australia

Agronomic Response of Camelina to Nitrogen and Seeding Rate on the Northern Great Plains

Plasmodium vivax pre-erythrocytic stages and the latent hypnozoite.

Pollen antigens and atmospheric circulation driven seasonal respiratory viral outbreak and its implication to the Covid-19 pandemic

Kinetic characterization of a low-dissolved‑oxygen oxic-anoxic process treating low COD/N tropical wastewater revealed selection of nitrifiers with high substrate affinity

Adaptation of an Invasive Pest to Novel Environments: Life History Traits of Drosophila suzukii in Coastal and Mainland Areas of Greece during Overwintering

Consequences of Increases in Ambient Temperature and Effect of Climate Type on Digestibility of Forages by Ruminants: A Meta-Analysis in Relation to Global Warming

Ungulates butchering and transport by hunter gatherers with maritime economic orientation: The case of the south coast of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)

Influence of pasture feeding on milk and meat products in terms of human health and product quality

Endophytes from African Rice (Oryza glaberrima L.) Efficiently Colonize Asian Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Stimulating the Activity of Its Antioxidant Enzymes and Increasing the Content of Nitrogen, Carbon, and Chlorophyll

Thermal impact of Heinrich stadials in cave temperature and speleothem oxygen isotope records

Characteristics of perniosis in an Australian population

The Importance of Time and Place: Nutrient Composition and Utilization of Seasonal Pollens by European Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Hydraulic Properties of Forest Soils with Stagnic Conditions

The effects of organic grass and grass-birdsfoot trefoil pastures on Jersey heifer development: Heifer growth, performance, and economic impact.

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Temperate Climates 温带气候

Temperate Climates 温带气候
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