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Altering transcription factor binding reveals comprehensive transcriptional kinetics of a basic gene

Interpersonal coordination in joint multiple object tracking.

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Optimal fluid stretching for mixing-limited reactions in rough channel flows

Effect of sidewall on the flame extension characteristics beneath a ceiling induced by carriage fire in a channel

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Examining the relationship between generation constraint and memory

Relative effect of B and N concentrations on the microstructural stability and mechanical properties of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel

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Macromolecular crowding effects on electrostatic binding affinity: Fundamental insights from theoretical, idealized models.


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Effects of Laryngeal Vibratory Asymmetry and Neuromuscular Compensation on Voice Quality.

Virtual Rhesus Labyrinth Model Predicts Responses to Electrical Stimulation Delivered by a Vestibular Prosthesis

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Laypeople perception and interpretation of simulated life-threatening bleeding: a controlled experimental study

Oscillatory and tip-splitting instabilities in 2D dynamic fracture: The roles of intrinsic material length and time scales

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Location, Location, Location: A Discrete Choice Experiment to Inform Vaccination Programme Delivery in the UK

Hot, cold, or both? A person-centered perspective on death awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elasto-hydrodynamics of non-Newtonian droplet collision with convex substrates

Quantification of the Complex Crack Geometry Effect on Fracture Resistance Using Strain-Based Finite Element Damage Analysis

Dynamic Suppression of Average Facial Structure Shapes Neural Tuning in Three Macaque Face Patches

Response of shear in bulk orientations of charged DNA rods: Taylor- and gradient-banding

Relative Effects of Velocity- and Mixture-Coupling in a Thermoacoustically Unstable, Partially-Premixed Flame

The Role of Connectives and Stance Markers in the Processing of Subjective Causal Relations

Photochemical modelling of atmospheric oxygen levels confirms two stable states

Sustainable Aqueous Phase Separation membranes prepared through mild pH shift induced polyelectrolyte complexation of PSS and PEI

Examining cognitive bias modification interventions for reducing food value and choice: Two pre-registered, online studies

Scaffold-Dependent Mechanical and Architectural Cues Guide Osteochondral Defect Healing in silico

Relationship between liquid nanoscale structure in solvents and the strength of the Hofmeister effect in extraction experiments.

What Makes Mental Modeling Difficult? Normative Data for the Multidimensional Relational Reasoning Task

Assessment of Methods for Calculating Liquefied Natural Gas Pump Tower Loads

Illuminating the complex role of the added mass during vortex induced vibration

Removing the orientational degeneracy of the TS defect in 4H–SiC by electric fields and strain

First principles computation of composition dependent elastic constants of omega in titanium alloys: implications on mechanical behavior

The testing effect for visual materials depends on pre-existing knowledge

Audiovisual Simultaneity Judgements in Synaesthesia.

P057 Virus aerosol propagation by CPAP is proportional to mask leak and can be prevented by use of a hood and air filtration system

Ethyl methacrylate diblock copolymers as polymeric surfactants: Effect of molar mass and composition

Integrated Reservoir Geomechanics Approach for Reservoir Management

Testing the role of symbols in preschool numeracy: An experimental computer-based intervention study

Designing scalable elastomeric anti-fouling coatings: Shear strain dissipation via interfacial cavitation.

Dynamic prospect theory - two core economic decision theories coexist in the gambling behavior of monkeys

A Parametric Study for the Effect of Dip on Stone Mine Pillar Stability Using a Simplified Model Geometry

Activation of Ti–Fe–Cr alloys containing identical AB2 fractions

Rayleigh-Bénard convection of a model emulsion: anomalous heat-flux fluctuations and finite-size droplets.

WRF Precipitation Performance and Predictability for Systematically Varied Parameterizations over Complex Terrain

Multispecies phase diagram reveals biophysical principles of bacterial biofilm architectures

NbReN: A disordered superconductor in thin film form for potential application as superconducting nanowire single photon detector

Optimization of cryogenic mechanical alloying parameters to synthesize ultrahard refractory high entropy materials

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Systematically Varied 系统地变化

Systematically Varied 系统地变化
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