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Shape-controlled synthesis of superparamagnetic ZnFe2O4 hierarchical structures and their comparative structural, optical and magnetic properties

Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of BiOBr hierarchical structures constructed by porous nanosheets with exposed (110) facets

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Noniridescent structural color from enhanced electromagnetic resonances of particle aggregations and its applications for reconfigurable patterns.

Self-Assembly of Two-Dimensional Colloids in SphericalSpace

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Reprogrammable 3D Shaping from Phase Change Microstructures in Elastic Composites.

3D halos assembled from Fe3O4/Au NPs with enhanced catalytic and optical properties.

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Anisotropic Multicomponent Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing With Build Orientation Design and Stress-Constrained Interfaces

Anisotropic multicomponent topology optimization for additive manufacturing with build orientation design and stress-constrained interfaces

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Probing van der Waals interactions at two-dimensional heterointerfaces

Two-photon absorption induced nanowelding for assembling ZnO nanowires with enhanced photoelectrical properties

Dynamic Manipulation of DNA-Programmed Crystals Embedded in a Polyelectrolyte Hydrogel.

Nonlinear compressive deformations of buckled 3D ribbon mesostructures

DNA origami: an outstanding platform for functions in nanophotonics and cancer therapy.

Influence of solution-state aggregation on conjugated polymer crystallization in thin films and microwire crystals

Theoretical design of AlS-BS vdW heterobilayer for a promoted light energy utilization

Experimental study on the quasi-static progressive collapse response of post-and-beam mass timber buildings under an edge column removal scenario

Van der Waals Heterostructures by Design: From 1D and 2D to 3D

Reconfiguration of multistable 3D ferromagnetic mesostructures guided by energy landscape surveys

In situ synthesis of hierarchical NiCo-MOF@Ni1-xCox(OH)2 heterostructures for enhanced pseudocapacitor and oxygen evolution reaction performances.

Three-dimensional Co2V2O7·nH2O superstructures assembled by nanosheets for electrochemical energy storage

Co-assembly of Peptides and Carbon Nanodots: Sensitive Analysis of Transglutaminase 2.

Construction, structure diversity, luminescent and dye absorption properties of coordination polymers comprising semi-rigid 6-(carboxymethoxy)-2-naphthoic acid

Preparation of Co3O4 self-cleaning nanocoatings: Investigation of ZnO seeded steel meshes

Probing negatively charged and neutral excitons in MoS2/hBN and hBN/MoS2/hBN van der Waals heterostructures.

Improved triethylamine sensing properties of fish-scale-like porous SnO2 nanosheets by decorating with Ag nanoparticles

Preparation of Synaptoneurosomes to Study the Synapse in the Murine Cerebral Cortex.

Cubic-like In2O3/α-Fe2O3 heterostructures assembled with 2D porous nanoplates for superior triethylamine gas-sensing behavior

Controlling plasmon propagation and enhancement via reducing agent in wet chemistry synthesized silver nanowires.

Colorimetric determination of hydrogen peroxide based on the robust peroxidase-like activities of flower-like YVO4 microstructures

Branch-like ZnS–DETA/CdS hierarchical heterostructures as an efficient photocatalyst for visible light CO2 reduction

Nest-like α-SnWO4 nanostructures assembled by nanowires: Facile synthesis and their superior photocatalytic performance

Editorial for special issue on extraordinary 2D-materials-based nanophotonics

Nanomechanical mapping of single collagen fibrils under tension.

Understanding Self-Assembly and Charge Transport in Organic Solar Cells Through Efficient Computation

Protein-Induced Gold Nanoparticle Assembly for Improving the Photothermal Effect in Cancer Therapy.

Enhancing Biocompatible Stability of DNA Nanostructures Using Dendritic Oligonucleotides and Brick Motifs

A Single Molecule Localization and In situ Crosslinking Study of the Beta-barrel Assembly Machinery in Escherichia coli

2D SnO/In2O3 van der Waals Heterostructure Photodetector Based on Printed Oxide Skin of Liquid Metals

Antisymmetric magnetoresistance in van der Waals Fe3GeTe2/graphite/Fe3GeTe2 trilayer heterostructures

Chiral plasmonic nanostructures via DNA self-assembly

Small protein sequences can induce cellular uptake of complex nanohybrids

A facile synthesis and controlled growth of various MoO 3 nanostructures and their gas-sensing properties

Facile synthesis of urchin-like LaWO4Cl assemblies and their near-infrared photothermal conversion.

Construction of nanostructures based on quadruplex DNA scaffolds

The importance of van der Waals interactions to thermal transport in Graphene-C60 heterostructures

Konjac glucomannan-templated synthesis of three-dimensional NiO nanostructures assembled from porous NiO nanoplates for gas sensors


Resonantly hybridized excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructures

Glucose-assisted synthesis of hierarchical flower-like Co3O4 nanostructures assembled by porous nanosheets for enhanced acetone sensing

Tuning interlayer coupling by laser irradiation and broadband photodetection in vertical MoTe2/WS2 vdW heterostructure

Engineering phonon polaritons in van der Waals heterostructures to enhance in-plane optical anisotropy

Engineering bacteria for biogenic synthesis of chalcogenide nanomaterials

Growth of lateral graphene/h-BN heterostructure on copper foils by chemical vapor deposition.

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Structures Assembled 组装结构

Structures Assembled 组装结构
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