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Media propaganda vs public dialogue: the spatial memorialisation of conflict in Belgrade after the 1999 NATO bombing

Writing History under the «Dictatorship of the Proletariat»: Yugoslav Historiography 1945–1991

How the Female Subject was Tempered. An Instructive History of 8 March and Its Media Representation in Naša Žena (Our Woman)

TrAIN Open Live Event with Ana Sladojević - Anticolonial representation at the Museum of African Art

Religious diplomacy of the Soviet Union in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1948-1953 in the context of international situation of the USSR

“If you want to be classy, have Yugoclass.” Postmodern Cultural Images of Josip Broz Tito

Nonaligned Modernism: Yugoslav Culture, Nonaligned Cultural Diplomacy, and Transnational Solidarity

Connectivity in the Western Balkans Region - Difficulties, Challenges and Alternatives

Of bees, birds, trees, and women: iconography, superstition and victimization of female characters in Yugoslav New Film

From Serbia to Serbia in Search of Modernization. Late XIX – early XXI Century

Time Travel to the Past of Bosnia and Herzegovina through Virtual and Augmented Reality

The right to translation and interpreting into and from Albanian as a reflection of fundamental civil rights in Kosovo between 1912 and 1999

Introduction: Sarajevo’s Olympic Spirit


The Long Road Home: Vacations and the Making of the “Germanized Turk” across Cold War Europe*

The socialist Yugoslav paradox: Documentary cinema exhibition opportunities and the meaning of ‘Dissent’

Deutsch Marks in the Head, Shovel in the Hands and Yugoslavia in the Heart: the Gastarbeiter return to Yugoslavia (1965-1991)

Designing a Socialist Man

Yugoslavia from Kingdom to Socialist Federation: Political Order and Political Corruption

“Who Should Care about Our Children?”: Public Childcare Policy in Yugoslav Socialism and Its Serbian Aftermath

On animals and seas: menageries as representations of Yugoslav global and local space in the Cold War era

Milošević’s Rule and Corruption

Towards an authentic path: Structuralism and architecture in socialist Yugoslavia

Performance art in Eastern Europe since 1960

Bringing the left back: radical performances of dissent from the remains of ex-Yugoslavia

Demarginalizations and destination(s) of post-Yugoslav literary canons

The Other Side of the “Istrian Exodus”: Immigration and Social Restoration in Slovenian Coastal Towns in the 1950s

Raising a true socialist individual: Yugoslav psychoanalysis and the creation of democratic Marxist citizens

Yugoslavia from the Other Side. Memorialization of the Yugoslavian Communist Revolution Among Slovenians in Argentina

Freedom of Culture in and after Yugoslavia. An Interview with Branka Prpa

Dynamics of the particular and the common: Monuments and patriotic tourism in socialist Yugoslavia – a case study of Kosovo

Producing and Maintaining Minority “Groupness” through State Effects: Teaching in Croatian in Serbia

Of Private and Social in Socialist Cities: The Individualizing Turn in Housing in a Medium-Sized City in Socialist Yugoslavia

Media memorial discourses and memory struggles in Slovenia: Transforming memories of the Second World War and Yugoslavia

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Socialist Yugoslavia 社会主义南斯拉夫

Socialist Yugoslavia 社会主义南斯拉夫
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