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Electrical Measurement of Cell-to-Cell Variation of Critical Charge in SRAM and Sensitivity to Single-Event Upsets by Low-Energy Protons

Neutron Radiation Testing of a TMR VexRiscv Soft Processor on SRAM-Based FPGAs

Observation of Low-Energy Proton Direct Ionization in a 72-Layer 3-D NAND Flash Memory

Muon-Induced Single-Event Upsets in 20-nm SRAMs: Comparative Characterization With Neutrons and Alpha Particles

Characterizing Energetic Dependence of Low-Energy Neutron-Induced SEU and MCU and Its Influence on Estimation of Terrestrial SER in 65-nm Bulk SRAM

Classification of Space Particle Events using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

A Revised Version of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Link Daughterboard for the HL-LHC

Impact of heavy ion energy and species on single-event upset in commercial floating gate cells

Reliability Evaluation of Digital Channelizers Implemented on SRAM - FPGAs

FPGA-Based Implementation of Digital Filters for Image Denoising

Scaling Trends of Digital Single-Event Effects: A Survey of SEU and SET Parameters and Comparison With Transistor Performance

Technology Impact on Neutron-Induced Effects in SDRAMs: A Comparative Study

Impact of Single-Event Upsets on Convolutional Neural Networks in Xilinx Zynq FPGAs

Analysis and Evaluation of the Effects of Single Event Upsets (SEU s) on Memories in Polar Decoders

Design of FPGA-Implemented Reed–Solomon Erasure Code (RS-EC) Decoders With Fault Detection and Location on User Memory

Soft-Error-Immune Read-Stability-Improved SRAM for Multi-Node Upset Tolerance in Space Applications

The Influence of Ion Track Characteristics on Single-Event Upsets and Multiple-Cell Upsets in Nanometer SRAM

Research on Single-Event Vulnerability and Hardening for a Pipelined ADC

Exploiting Hardware Unobservability for Low-Power Design and Safety Analysis in Formal Verification-Driven Design Flows

Correlation of Single-Board Computer Ground-Test Data and On-Orbit Upset Rates From the Gaia Mission

Novel Radiation Hardening Read/Write Circuits Using Feedback Connections for Spin–Orbit Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory

An SRAM-Based Radiation Monitor With Dynamic Voltage Control in 0.18- $\mu$ m CMOS Technology

Functional Failure Rate Due to Single-Event Transients in Clock Distribution Networks

NVRH-LUT: A nonvolatile radiation-hardened hybrid MTJ/CMOS-based look-up table for ultralow power and highly reliable FPGA designs

Design of SRAM-Based Low-Cost SEU Monitor for Self-Adaptive Multiprocessing Systems

Femtosecond Laser Fault Injection into External SRAM Implementations

Strategies for Removing Common Mode Failures From TMR Designs Deployed on SRAM FPGAs

Single-Event-Hardened Timing Generator for waveform digitizer based readout electronics

Fault Tolerant Soft-Core Processor Architecture Based on Temporal Redundancy

Microdosimetry approach for determining single-event upsets in microelectronic devices

Impact of Irradiation Side on Neutron-Induced Single-Event Upsets in 65-nm Bulk SRAMs

Process Variation Aware Analysis of SRAM SEU Cross Sections Using Data Retention Voltage

An Error Location and Correction Method for Memory Based on Data Similarity Analysis

Single-Event Characterization of a Stratix® 10 FPGA Using Neutron Irradiation

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Single Event Upsets 单一事件的不安

Single Event Upsets 单一事件的不安
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