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Si,P vacancy-enriched CoSi3P3 anode with exceptional Li storage performance

A New Active Thyristor-Based DCCB With Reliable Opening Process

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Design of Active Tunable Wide Frequency Covering Absorber

From collections of independent, mindless robots to flexible, mobile, and directional superstructures

Study of mouse behavior in different gravity environments

A Subjective and Behavioral Assessment of Affordances in Virtual Architectural Walkthroughs

Emergent vortices and phase separation in systems of chiral active particles with dipolar interactions.

Single calcium channel nanodomains drive presynaptic calcium entry at lamprey reticulospinal presynaptic terminals

Engineering fluorinated-cation containing inverted perovskite solar cells with an efficiency of >21% and improved stability towards humidity

A Single Parameter Voltage Adjustable Immittance Topology for Integer- and Fractional-Order Design Using Modular Active CMOS Devices

Speed Records in Network Flow Measurement on FPGA

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Simple Active 简单主动

Simple Active 简单主动
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