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Impact of Aluminium on ZnO Thin Films for Antimicrobial Activity

SILAR Technique–Grown Mn-doped ZnO Thin Films

Effect of number of cycles on SILAR deposited ZnSe thin films

Visible light assisted acetone sensing characteristics of ZnO deposited over LED

Compact continuous BiOI film for solid-state solar cell via faster lifting speed of the dip-SILAR technique at room temperature

Preparation, characterization and sensing properties of WO3-deposited over LED

Room-temperature synthesis and optical properties of nanostructured Ba-Doped ZnO thin films

The role of cobalt doping on the optical and structural properties of Mn3O4 nanostructured thin films obtained by SILAR technique

Study of Structural Properties of BiOI on ZnO Thin Films and ZnO Nanorods

Preparation and characterization of manganese oxide nanosheets for pseudocapacitor application

SILAR Controlled CdS Nanoparticles Sensitized CdO Diode Based Photodetectors

Variation of the key morphological, structural, optical and electrical properties of SILAR CdO with alkaline earth Ca2+ ions doping

Construction of CuO/CdS composite nanostructure for photodegradation of pollutants in sewage

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Silar Technique Silar 技术

Silar Technique Silar 技术
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