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Series Representation sentence examples within probability density function

Signal-Phase Estimation for Product Array Processors

A New Generator of Probability Models: The Exponentiated Sine-G Family for Lifetime Studies

Series Representation sentence examples within Time Series Representation

Smart Meters Time Series Clustering for Demand Response Applications in the Context of High Penetration of Renewable Energy Resources

ADET: anomaly detection in time series with linear time

Series Representation sentence examples within Fourier Series Representation

SPINN: Sparse, Physics-based, and partially Interpretable Neural Networks for PDEs

Widening wave band gaps of periodic plates via shape optimization using spatial Fourier coefficients

Series Representation sentence examples within Principal Series Representation

R-groups for unitary principal series of Spin groups

Conformal wave expansions for flat space amplitudes

Series Representation sentence examples within Infinite Series Representation

Extended elliptic-type integrals with associated properties and Turán-type inequalities

Asymptotics of the principal eigenvalue of the Laplacian in 2D periodic domains with small traps

Series Representation sentence examples within Power Series Representation

Persistence exponents via perturbation theory : autoregressive and moving average processes

Simulating the joint impact of temporal and spatial memory indices via a novel analytical scheme

Series Representation sentence examples within Discrete Series Representation

The density theorem for discrete series representations restricted to lattices

Boundary Distributions for GL3 over a Local Field andSymmetric Power Coefficients

Series Representation sentence examples within New Series Representation

Parametric binomial sums involving harmonic numbers

On new approximations for the modified Bessel function of the second kind \(K_0(x)\)

Series Representation sentence examples within Convergent Series Representation

Solving Duffing-Van der Pol Oscillator Equations of Fractional Order by an Accurate Technique

Symmetric Tornheim double zeta functions

Series Representation sentence examples within Taylor Series Representation

An implicit-explicit local method for parabolic partial differential equations

The Analytic Evolution of Dyson–Schwinger Equations via Homomorphism Densities

Series Representation sentence examples within Flies Series Representation

Formal Power Series Approach to Nonlinear Systems with Static Output Feedback

Universal Zero Dynamics: The SISO Case

Series Representation sentence examples within Finite Series Representation

Stability Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Delayed Bilateral Telerobotic Systems over a Lossy Communication Channel

Inferring time-dependent distribution functions from kinematic snapshots

Series Representation sentence examples within Prony Series Representation

Linear creep of bonded FRP-strengthened metallic structures at warm service temperatures

Investigation of the Compressive Viscoelastic Properties of Brain Tissue Under Time and Frequency Dependent Loading Conditions.

Series Representation sentence examples within Volterra Series Representation

Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Systems in the Frequency Domain

Bilinear state systems on an unbounded time scale

Series Representation sentence examples within series representation learning

Time2Graph+: Bridging Time Series and Graph Representation Learning via Multiple Attentions

Randomized trees for time series representation and similarity

A Note on q -Fubini-Appell Polynomials and Related Properties

DCRL: Approach for Pattern Recognition in Price Time Series using Directional Change and Reinforcement Learning

Generalized continued fraction expansions for π and e

Censored stable subordinators and fractional derivatives

Spatiotemporal adaptive neural network for long-term forecasting of financial time series

Novel Computations of the Time-Fractional Fisher’s Model via Generalized Fractional Integral Operators by Means of the Elzaki Transform

Efficient Bayesian phase estimation using mixed priors

A series representation of the discrete fractional Laplace operator of arbitrary order

LED Nonlinearity Post-compensator with Legendre polynomials in Visible Light Communications

Series Representation of Jointly S $$\alpha $$ α S Distribution via Symmetric Covariations

Augmenting Transferred Representations for Stock Classification

Massive one-loop conformal Feynman integrals and quadratic transformations of multiple hypergeometric series

An Adversarial Examples Identification Method for Time Series in Internet-of-Things System

Novel approximate distribution of the sum of Gamma–Gamma variates with pointing errors and applications in MIMO FSO links

Time-series clustering approaches for subsurface zonation and hydrofacies detection using a real time-lapse electrical resistivity dataset

Inversion of α-sine and α-cosine transforms on R

Compound vectors of subordinators and their associated positive Lévy copulas

q-Generalized Tangent Based Hybrid Polynomials

Bayesian identification of bots using temporal analysis of tweet storms

Inversion of $\alpha$-sine and $\alpha$-cosine transforms on $\mathbb{R}$

Maclaurin series expansions for positive integer powers of inverse (hyperbolic) sine and tangent functions and for incomplete gamma functions with applications

Numerical aspects of shot noise representation of infinitely divisible laws and related processes

Dynamics of heavy beams: Closed-form vibrations of gravity-loaded Rayleigh–Timoshenko columns

Theory of perturbation of electrostatic field by an anisotropic dielectric sphere

RF-based low-SNR classification of UAVs using convolutional neural networks

Revisiting the Lognormal Modelling of Shadowing Effects during Wireless Communications by Means of the α-μ/α-μ Composite Distribution

Time-Series Representation Learning via Temporal and Contextual Contrasting

Over- and Under-Approximations of Reachable Sets With Series Representations of Evolution Functions

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