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Adaptive filtering-based soft sensor method for estimating total nitrogen in aquaponic systems

Over-complete deep recurrent neutral network based on wastewater treatment process soft sensor application

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Synthesis of Ag–Cu alloy nanosheets for ascorbic acid detection

Nonlinear Variational Bayesian Factor Regression for Inferential Sensor Modeling

Adaptive filtering-based soft sensor method for estimating total nitrogen in aquaponic systems

Advancement in Salmonella Detection Methods: From Conventional to Electrochemical-Based Sensing Detection

An aptasensor using ceria electrodeposited-screen-printed carbon electrode for detection of epithelial sodium channel protein as a hypertension biomarker

Synthesis of Ag–Cu alloy nanosheets for ascorbic acid detection

Novel potentiometric methods for the estimation of bisoprolol and alverine in pharmaceutical forms and human serum

Carbazole based fluorescent chemosensor for the meticulous detection of tryptamine in aqueous medium and its efficacy in cell-imaging and molecular logic gate

The Saliva Cortisol and Amylase Levels Related with Stress Response Compared by Different Analytical Methods

Optimal Sensor Placement and Fault Diagnosis Model of PV Array of Photovoltaic Power Stations Based on XGBoost

An Optimization-Based Multi-Sensor Fusion Approach Towards Global Drift-Free Motion Estimation

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Damage, nondestructive evaluation and rehabilitation of FRP composite-RC structure: A review

A Systematic Review of Sensor-Based Methodologies for Food Portion Size Estimation

An enlarge polymer optical fiber linear-displacement sensor based on constructive interference

How Accurate and Precise Can We Measure the Posture and the Energy Expenditure Component of Sedentary Behaviour with One Sensor?

DNA functionalized double quantum dots-based fluorescence biosensor for one-step simultaneous detection of multiple microRNAs.

Evaluation of a rapid biosensor tool for measuring PAH availability in petroleum-impacted sediment

Damage Detection in Multiple RC Structures Based on Embedded Ultrasonic Sensors and Wavelet Transform

Recurrent-based regression of Sentinel time series for continuous vegetation monitoring

Signal-Amplified Detection of the Tumor Biomarker FEN1 Based on Cleavage-Induced Ligation of a Dumbbell DNA Probe and Rolling Circle Amplification.

Implementasi Canny Edge Detection Pada Aplikasi Pendeteksi Jalur Lalu Lintas

Aptasensors for Staphylococcus aureus Risk Assessment in Food

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Chemogenetic Approaches to Probe Redox Pathways: Implications for Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Pose Estimation Algorithm of 3C Parts Based on Virtual 3D Sensor for Robot Assembly

Preliminary dielectrophoresis study: Manipulation of protein albumin and electrical quantification by using cyclic voltammetry technique

Electrochemical genosensor for the detection of Alexandrium minutum dinoflagellates.

Direct and Competitive Optical Grating Immunosensors for Determination of Fusarium Mycotoxin Zearalenone

Research advances and applications of biosensing technology for the diagnosis of pathogens in sustainable agriculture

A sensitive and smartphone colorimetric assay for the detection of hydrogen peroxide based on antibacterial and antifungal matcha extract silver nanoparticles enriched with polyphenol

Smart-IoT Platform to Monitor Microclimate Conditions in Tropical Regions

Performance Test of the Rotational Sensor blueSeis-3A in a Huddle Test in Fürstenfeldbruck

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Technological and methodological aspects of the production of low- and lactose-free dairy products

Dual sensor measurement shows that temperature outperforms pH as an early sign of aerobic deterioration in maize silage

Estimating Canopy Density Parameters Time-Series for Winter Wheat Using UAS Mounted LiDAR

Development of a Diagnostic Biosensor Method of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis towards a Point-of-Care Biosensor

Sources, Toxicity and Detection Techniques of Semicarbazide: A Review

A Novel Soft-Sensor Method Combining Dynamics and Time-Lag

Over-complete deep recurrent neutral network based on wastewater treatment process soft sensor application

A sensitive and reproducible SERS sensor based on natural lotus leaf for paraquat detection

Phase Current Reconstruction Algorithm for Four-Phase Switched Reluctance Motor under Direct Torque Control Strategy

An adaptive soft sensor method of D-vine copula quantile regression for complex chemical processes

Capturing high-resolution water demand data in commercial buildings

BLDC Motor Drives: A Single Hall Sensor Method and a 160° Commutation Strategy

Bayesian network for dynamic variable structure learning and transfer modeling of probabilistic soft sensor

Botulinum toxin as an ultrasensitive reporter for bacterial and SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid diagnostics

Evolutionary optimization based pseudo labeling for semi-supervised soft sensor development of industrial processes

Simple, sensitive, and cost-effective detection of wAlbB Wolbachia in Aedes mosquitoes, using loop mediated isothermal amplification combined with the electrochemical biosensing method

[Application of carbon dots in analysis and detection of antibiotics].

Surface plasmon resonance biosensor for the determination of 3-methyl-quinoxaline-2-carboxylic acid, the marker residue of olaquindox, in swine tissues.

Corrosion Behavior Evaluation of Coated Steel Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Biosensing the Histamine Producing Potential of Bacteria in Tuna

A feature-based soft sensor for spectroscopic data analysis

Pilot study of measurement method of skin transparency using smartphone camera

UAV-Borne Dual-Band Sensor Method for Monitoring Physiological Crop Status

A Study on PHM Method Suitable for Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle

Oriented assembly of surface plasmon resonance biosensor through staphylococcal protein A for the chlorpyrifos detection

Nonlinear Variational Bayesian Factor Regression for Inferential Sensor Modeling

The dynamic reconfiguration approach for fault-tolerance web service composition based on multi-level VCSOP

Virus Detection Methods and Biosensor Technologies

A Posture Recognition Method Based on Indoor Positioning Technology

Electrochemical Determination of Carbofuran in Tomatoes by a Concanavalin A (Con A) Polydopamine (PDA)-Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO)-Gold Nanoparticle (GNP) Glassy Carbon Electrode (GCE) with Immobilized Acetylcholinesterase (AChE)

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A stereovision measurement for large deformation of light structures

Real-Time Weighted Data Fusion Algorithm for Temperature Detection Based on Small-Range Sensor Network

Electrochemical Biosensor Hemoglobin Immobilization Determination of the Breast Cancer Drug (Adriamycin)

A step toward the future of seamless measurement with wearable sensors in pediatric populations with neuromuscular diseases

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Unbiased Conversion of Passive Sensor Measurements

Comparative evaluation on switched reluctance motor drive with different phase current sensing methods

Beverage and Food Fragrance Biotechnology, Novel Applications, Sensory and Sensor Techniques: An Overview

Finite Element Analysis of Oil-Water Two-Phase Conductance Sensor

Soft-sensor Method for Surface Water Qualities Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Optical Biosensor method to develop human blood types data base using NIR Photons technology

Detection of Zn in water using novel functionalised planar microwave sensors

New life for old wires: Electrochemical sensor method for neural implants.

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Sensor Method 传感器方法
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