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Mineralogically-induced metal partitioning during the evaporative precipitation of efflorescent sulfate salts from acid mine drainage

Deficit Drip Irrigation in Processing Tomato Production in the Mediterranean Basin. A Data Analysis for Italy

Biological soil crusts inhibit seed germination in a temperate pine barren ecosystem

Assessment of monthly global solar irradiation estimates using air temperature in different climates of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Southeastern Brazil

Integrated use of plant residues, phosphorus and beneficial microbes improve hybrid maize productivity in semiarid climates

Organic compost effects on Stevia rebaudiana weed control and on soil properties in the Mediterranean region

Diversity of insects associated with olive (Oleaceae) groves across a dryland climate gradient in Algeria

Wicking Salts from Brine-Contaminated Soils: A Potential Method for In Situ Remediation

Integrated Management of Phosphorus, Organic Sources, and Beneficial Microbes Improve Dry Matter Partitioning of Maize

Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) Breeding to Meet the Challenge of Climate Change

Trends of daily precipitation concentration in Central-Southern Chile

Atmospheric circulation patterns associated with wildfires in the monsoon regions of China

Effects of a soil organic amendment on metal allocation of trees for the phytomanagement of mining-impacted soils

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Semiarid Climates 半干旱气候

Semiarid Climates 半干旱气候
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