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Evaporation in Brazilian dryland reservoirs: Spatial variability and impact of riparian vegetation.

A robust low-level cloud and clutter discrimination method for ground-based millimeter-wavelength cloud radar

A collaborated framework to improve hydrologic ecosystem services management with sparse data in a semi-arid basin

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Mineralogical and physico-chemical characterization of gypsiferous semi-arid soils in the north of Urmia, Iran

A comprehensive review on the biotechnological intervention for deciphering the pharmacological and other multifarious properties of miracle tree Moringa oleifera

Green roof effects on the rainwater response in the Mediterranean area: first results of a Sicilian case study

A classic approach for determining genomic prediction accuracy under terminal drought stress and well-watered conditions in wheat landraces and cultivars

An experimental investigation on collapsible behavior of dry compacted phosphate mine waste rock in road embankment

Flood Hazard Mapping in Rural Area: Case of Ephemeral Watercourses in SidiBoulenouar Zone

Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Peganum harmala (Zygophyllaceae)

WDPM: the Wetland DEM Ponding Model

Multi-objective optimization of building-integrated microalgae photobioreactors for energy and daylighting performance

Effects of water stress applied at various phenological stages on yield, quality, and water use efficiency of melon

Revised universal soil loss equation-based runoff model for the potential soil loss estimation in Wadi Soubella Watershed, Northeast of Algeria

Assessment of post-wildfire soil quality and its recovery in semi-arid upland rangelands in Central Iran through selecting the minimum data set and quantitative soil quality index

Middle Miocene climate transition in the Tibetan Plateau: identification and significance

First anthrachological studies at the eastern Pampa-Patagonia transition (Argentina). Hunter-gatherers management of woody material and Initial Late Holocene vegetal communities inferred from the Zoko Andi 1 archaeological site

Application of particle size distribution throughout the soil profile as a criterion for recognition of newly developed geoforms in the Southeastern Caspian coast

Long-term investigation of subsidence rate and its environmental effects using the InSAR technique and geospatial analyses

An LCA framework to assess environmental efficiency of water reuse: Application to contrasted locations for wastewater reuse in agriculture

Surface Layer Turbulent Characteristics over the Complex Terrain of the Loess Plateau Semiarid Region

Estimation of co (variance) components and genetic parameters for growth and feed efficiency traits in Jamunapari goat

Assessing the monthly heat stress risk to society using thermal comfort indices in the hot semi-arid climate of India

Detection of hydrocarbon microseepage prospects using Landsat 8-based vegetation stress analysis in part of Assam-Arakan Fold Belt, NE India

Energy analysis for construction of a zero-energy residential building using thermal simulation in Iran

Memories of Social Mobility and Environmental Change: Dam Builders of the Naryn–Syr Darya

Evaluation of the scheduling of an existing drip irrigation network: Fadak Farm, Karbala, Iraq

Caracterização de Cicatrizes de Queimadas nas Mesorregiões do Sertão e São Francisco Pernambucano a partir de dados do Sensor MODIS

Co-inoculation of Arizona cypress with mycorrhizae and rhizobacteria affects biomass, nutrient status, water-use efficiency, and glomalin-related soil protein concentration

Yield and morphology of forage cactus cultivars under drip irrigation management based on soil water matric potential thresholds

Rehabilitación sustentable de vivienda barrial masiva en clima semi-árido: Evaluación termo-energética y microeconómica

A rich fauna of subterranean short-range endemic Anillini (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae) from semi-arid regions of Western Australia

Vegetation indices as proxies for spatio-temporal variations in water availability in the Rio Santa valley (Peruvian Andes)

Rainfall and dust interception potentials of oak trees and plantations in the Zagros region

Decision Analysis Related to Solar Farms Investments Based on AHP & Fuzzy AHP for Sustainable Energy Production

Growth, Yield and Physiological Characteristics of Maize (Zea mays L.) at Two Different Soil Moisture Regimes by Supplying Silicon and Chitosan

A robust integrated Bayesian multi-model uncertainty estimation framework (IBMUEF) for quantifying the uncertainty of hybrid meta-heuristic in global horizontal irradiation predictions

Loss of climatic suitability for durum wheat production

Avaliação de incêndio em ambiente de Caatinga a partir de imagens Landsat-8, índice de vegetação realçado e análise por componentes principais

Are “ramblas” the sewerage of metal pollution in mining areas with a semi-arid climate?

Estimation of reference evapotranspiration using machine learning models with limited data

Pioneer plant species and fungal root endophytes in metal-polluted tailings deposited near human populations and agricultural areas in Northern Mexico

Temporal Aspect of the Terrestrial Invertebrate Response to Moisture Dynamic in Technosols formed after Reclamation at a Post-Mining Site in Ukrainian Steppe Drylands

Comparative analysis of kernel-based versus ANN and deep learning methods in monthly reference evapotranspiration estimation

Leaf Area Index Variations in Ecoregions of Ardabil Province, Iran

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The Effects of Different Irrigation Scheduling Approaches on Seed Yield and Water Use Efficiencies of Cotton


Developmental plasticity in Arabidopsis thaliana under combined cold and water deficit stresses during flowering stage

Optimization of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization increases ash salt accumulation and ions absorption of drip-fertigated sugar beet in saline-alkali soils

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Comparison of the reproduction success of the Barbary partridge, Alectoris barbara (Bonnaterre, 1792) (Aves Phasianidae), of the two protected areas in Algeria

Paleoenvironment Implication of Red Paleosols in a Late Cretaceous Continental Succession, Songliao Basin, NE China


Assessment of GPM and TRMM Satellite Precipitation Products, and their application for Flood Simulations at Daily Scale in a sparsely gauged watershed;Case of Ghdat basin (High Atlas, Morocco).

Assessment and mapping of water erosion by the integration of the Gavrilovic “EPM” model in the Inaouene watershed, Morocco

Pedosedimentary environments in the Caspian Lowland during MIS5 (Srednaya Akhtuba reference section, Russia)

Edaphological and water quality conditions that limit agricultural development in semi-arid zones of Northeastern Mexico

Pediatric Snakebites: Comparing Patients in Two Geographic Locations in the United States.

Quantile regression for modelling the impact of climate in cork growth quantiles in Portugal

Local climate conditions impact on breeding performance of house martin (Delichon urbica) populations in Algeria

Groundwater pollution index (GPI) and GIS-based appraisal of groundwater quality for drinking and irrigation in coastal aquifers of Tiruchendur, South India

Million-year-scale alternation of warm–humid and semi-arid periods as a mid-latitude climate mode in the Early Jurassic (late Sinemurian, Laurasian Seaway)

Enhanced Nutritional Quality of Sweet Maize Kernel in Response to Cover Crops and Bio-Fertilizer

Hydrologic similarity: Dimensionless runoff indices across scales in a semi-arid catchment

Effect of Applications of Chemical and Organic Fertilizer on Yield and Essential Oil Ratio of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) Plant

The Phytoclast Group as a tracer of palaeoenvironmental changes in the early Toarcian

Characteristics of the turbulence intermittency and its influence on the turbulent transport in the semi-arid region of the Loess Plateau

Paleoclimate and paleoenvironment reconstruction of paleosols spanning the Lower to Upper Cretaceous from the Rukwa Rift Basin, Tanzania

Annual precipitation drives fire occurrence across sub-humid and semi-arid ecological gradients

Assessment of Soil Loss Rates in Asreh Watershed (North Jordan Badia) Using RUSLE and GIS

Weekly Rainfall and Rainy Days Trend Analysis for Crop Planning in Baramati Tehsil of Pune District

Pedogeomorphology and paleoenvironmental implications of large termite mounds at the Brazilian semiarid landscape

Physiological responses of orange trees subject to regulated deficit irrigation and partial root drying

Microcliamte changes caused by black inter-row mulch decrease flavonoids concentrations in grapes and wines under semi-arid climate.

Fate of pathogenic microorganisms during lagooning sludge composting and exploration of bacteriophages as indicator of hygienization

Interannual Variability in the Summer Season Onset, Length and End Dates Across the Iran (1948-2016)

Intercomparison of process-based physical and mathematical models in data-scarce semi-arid region of Eritrea

Reconstrução paleoambiental do maciço de Água Branca, semiárido de Alagoas, a partir da análise dos sedimentos de encosta

Mapping Sandy Areas and their changes using remote sensing. A Case Study at North-East Al-Muthanna Province, South of Iraq

Pruning residues incorporation and reduced tillage improve soil organic matter stabilization and structure of salt-affected soils in a semi-arid Citrus tree orchard

Surface and Groundwater Characteristics within a Semi-Arid Environment Using Hydrochemical and Remote Sensing Techniques

Assessment of Groundwater Pollution Vulnerability, Hazard and Risk in a Semi-Arid Region

Identification of climatic and environmental factors associated with incidence of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Central Iran using satellite imagery

The impact of impervious surface, vegetation, and soil areas on land surface temperatures in a semi-arid region using Landsat satellite images enriched with Ndaisi method data

Urban Floods and Suitability Analysis of Rainwater Harvesting Potential Areas in Lahore City, Pakistan

Paleoenvironmental significance and provenance of the Cretaceous calcareous deposits from the Djerem sub-basin (Adamawa, Cameroon) during the Gondwana evolution: sedimentary structures and geochemical constraints

Projecting Aridity from Statistically Downscaled and Bias Corrected Variables for Gediz Basin/Turkey

​Differential Perception and Logit Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies among Dairy Farmers in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Haryana

Comparison of Measured and Estimated Sugarcane Water Requirement under Arid and Semi-Arid Climatic Condition: The Case of Wonji Shoa Sugarcane Plantation, Ethiopia

[Spatiotemporal variation and driving factors of growing season NDVI in the Tibetan Pla-teau, China.]

Global loss of climatically suitable areas for durum wheat growth in the future

A Review of the Lithostratigraphy of the Early Cretaceous Sao Khua Formation, Khorat Group in Northeastern Thailand

Texture, mineralogy and geochemistry of Teri sediments from the Kuthiraimozhi deposit, Southern Tamilnadu, India: implications on provenance, weathering and palaeoclimate

Speleothem growth phases in the central Eastern Desert of Egypt reveal enhanced humidity throughout MIS 5

Forecasting evapotranspiration in different climates using ensembles of recurrent neural networks

Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics in Semi-Arid Irrigated Cropping Systems

Determination of Evaporative Fluxes Using a Bench-Scale Atmosphere Simulator

Comparing The Models SARIMA, ANFIS And ANFIS-DE In Forecasting Monthly Evapotranspiration Rates Under Heterogeneous Climatic Conditions

Land-surface feedbacks on temperature and precipitation in CMIP6-LS3MIP projections

Short-term dynamics of C stocks and fluxes in constructed Technosols under green lawns along the bioclimatic gradient

Heavy metal accumulation and genotoxic effect of long-term wastewater irrigated peri-urban agricultural soils in semiarid climate.

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