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Hotel Guests’ Experience, Satisfaction and Revisit Intentions: An Emerging Market Perspective

The U.S. coal sector between shale gas and renewables: Last resort coal exports?

Do environmental regulations matter on Spanish foreign investment? A multisectorial approach

Transcending existing paradigms: the quest for justice in urban climate change planning

A multi-sectoral decomposition and decoupling analysis of carbon emissions in Guangdong province, China.

Embodied Energy Use in China’s Transportation Sector: A Multi-Regional Input–Output Analysis

Towards an Integrated Approach to Urban Decarbonisation in Practice: The Case of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Supporting integrative maritime spatial planning by operationalising SEANERGY – a tool to study cross-sectoral synergies and conflicts

The Evolving Humanitarian Landscape: Rise of the Asia–Pacific Region

National multi-stakeholder meetings: a tool to support development of integrated policies and practices for testing and prevention of HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and STIs

International Organizations, Care and Migration: The Case of Migrant Health Care Workers

Digital Content Management: An Amalgam of All Disciplines

Strategic management of competitiveness in regional spatial and sectoral structures under modern conditions

Research perspectives on animal health in the era of artificial intelligence

Healthcare planning across healthcare sectors in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany: a stakeholder online survey to identify indicators

Developing an Integrative Theoretical Framework for Climate Proofing Spatial Planning across Sectors, Policy Levels, and Planning Areas

Shared socioeconomic pathways for climate change research in Finland: co-developing extended SSP narratives for agriculture

Combating corruption in customs authorities in the context of ensuring the efficiency of public governance

Multi-regional industrial wastewater metabolism analysis for the Yangtze River Economic Belt, China.

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Sectoral Perspective 行业视角

Sectoral Perspective 行业视角
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